1. Organize your Bathroom

    Organize your Powder Room

    Holiday time means endless parties… endless entertaining… and endless people using your bathroom!! (I know it sounds like a gross/odd/weird point to bring up, but it’s the truth!) So whether you live in a one bedroom/one bathroom apartment and need to straighten up your own abode… OR you are lucky enough to have a spare powder room for guests to freshen up in… it is important to have that room looking tidy and in order for your guests. To assist in this project, I have some quick and easy tips that I am using to prep for my own festivities!

    Organize your Powder Room


    This was fantastically cheap and easy because Target has pre-embroidered towels with initials ranging in an array of colors (see here)! These are perfect if you are into the whole monogrammed look… not to mention there is no wait for custom embroidery like most websites!

    How to get my look: I layered a dark grey bath towel first, then a hand towel of contrast color (white with grey font – matched the embroidery to the bath towel) second, and then a wash cloth (that matches back to the bath towel) last. Uber chic!

    Organize your Powder Room

    Organize your products:

    I am the first to admit that my products are constantly overflowing from my medicine cabinets and onto my counter tops. Unfortunately this isn’t really conducive to the whole entertaining aspect, so I found it crucial to purchase a wall-mounted shelf for extra storage space. Products are still out for guests to see, so at least keep them in nice orderly rows!! (See similar item here)

    Organize your Powder RoomOrganize your Powder RoomOrganize your Powder Room

    Prep the essentials:

    Make sure to have fresh hand soap, tissues, q-tips, and a candle with matches out for guests to use!! (Maybe even place a bottle of febreeze on the ground along-side the toilet if you think the candle won’t suffice!) Of course make sure you have plenty of toilet paper available as well. If you want to keep you toothbrushes and toothpastes out, at least keep them looking orderly in pretty display cups!

  2. Organize your kitchen drawers

    Getting your Kitchen Drawers in Order

    How frustrating is it mid-cooking when you need a spatula… your hands are covered in food… and while searching through your kitchen drawers, you manage to smear your dirty hands all over numerous clean utensils… All this mess just to grab that one spatula right in the nick of time before your recipe begins to burn! I decided I needed a dose of the FH treatment – TIME TO GET ORGANIZED, so I hiked on over to the Container Store and got some of the necessary drawer organizers so I could put this issue to rest.

    Interested in doing the same? Make sure to follow these few steps at home before heading to the store/online:

    1. Remove all items from your kitchen drawers.
    2. Decide which items should be designated to each drawer. (One for knifes, one for serving utensils, one for baking utensils, etc) This will make life easier when you are searching for items in the future.
    3. Get out your tape measurer and measure the length, width and height of each drawer (write it down!). *Height is something often over-looked, but if you get a container that is too high, your drawer won’t close, so don’t forget to take this measurement into account!
    4. Take note of which drawers have long utensils and which have wide utensils and come up with a rendering of how you want each drawer to look… Ex. In my 9 inch wide drawer, I knew I could fit three 3-inch-wide containers across for skinny items, or for wider items, I could do one 6-inch-wide and one 3-inch-wide. Pizza cutters are wider than forks, so for drawers with wider utensils, you need to keep this in mind. Maybe get a little crazy and measure a few of your utensils to make sure they fit!
    5. You are ready, time to shop! Here is what I bought for mine:

    Organize your Kitchen Drawers

    Miscellaneous kitchenware: 1. (left) Linus Shallow Drawer organizers 3″ x 12″ x 2″ h for mashers and lemon reamer, 2. (center) Linus Shallow Drawer organizers 3″ x 9″ x 2″ h for pizza cutters, (right) space for Skewer sticks and marinating brushes

    Knife Organizer

    Dangerous Knives Drawer: 1. (left) Linus Shallow Drawer organizers 3″ x 12″ x 2″ h for wine openers, can openers and anything sharp, 2. (right) Knife Dock 13″ x 6″ x 2″ h for all of my knives that I don’t place in my knife block

    Baking Utensils

    Bakeware: 1. (left+ center) two Linus Shallow Drawer organizers 3″ x 12″ x 2″ h for mini spatulas, peelers, cake decorating items, tongs, and ice cream scoops 2. (right) empty for X-long kitchen utensils like spatulas and mixing spoons

    Organize your Kitchen Utensils

    Serving Utensils: 1. (left) Linus Shallow Drawer organizers 3″ sq x 2″ h for wine corks, olive picks, small cheese and butter knives, 2. (middle) Linus Shallow Drawer organizers 6″ x 9″ x 2″ h for wider serving spoons, 3. (remainder of drawer to the right) Linus Shallow Drawer organizers 3″ x 9″ x 2″ h for every other kind of serving spoon, salad sets, and more

  3. Organize your Kitchen Sink

    organize your kitchen

    Living in New York feels like a constant battle for space, and this problem holds true right down to my kitchen counter. Whenever I cook, I like to spread out all of my ingredients, cookbook, pots and pans, so work space is essential. With that being said, I have found it necessary to be as strategic as possible in organzing my sink area. I realized that rather than having all of my essentials (like my sponges, gloves and paper towel rack) out on the counter, I could hang them on the wall! And rather than have a million different dish soaps and sanitizers, I really could narrow down to two essential products.

    So how did I do acheive this clean and sleek kicthen sink?

    1. Invest in a Hanging Paper Towel Rack [I bought the Umbra Stream Metal Wall-Mount Paper Towel Holder] It is sleek and narrow and it’s easy to slip on a new role.
    2. Use Adhesive Hooks to hang sponges and gloves. [I bought Command Adhesive Hooks] They blend into a white wall and they are easy to apply. *Note #1: I actually cut a small hole in the top of my glove set so that they would hang on my hooks. *Note # 2: Make sure your utensils are hanging friendly before you hang a few hooks and then realize you have nothing to hang on them!
    3. Narrow down your essential products! You really need a great hand soap [I love JASON Calming Lavendar Hand Soap] It has Vitamin E and Pro-Vitamin B5, which softens your hands while cleansing, and then you need a powerful dish soap [I use Dawn Power Clean Dishwashing Liquid] Don’t get caught wasting money on a cheap non-name brand dish soap or some fancy-nice-smelling- frou frou soap because you will spend your life scrubbing. This soap gets down to business.

    paper towel rackhang your brusheshang your glovesclean faucet

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