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When I moved into my new apartment I faced a battle that I think most women face in any new home… lack of storage space. I mean seriously, were these bathrooms designed by men? One medicine cabinet for a couple?? I can fill a medicine cabinet with hair products alone… and then my husband needs a few shelves? Oh brother!

In my last apartment {see here} I hung {wide} mounted glasses shelves  for extra storage space for my makeup and products, but in my new apartment {pictured in this post}, I needed something much more narrow and sleek to go with the vibe of the master bath. At the Container Store I found the perfect solution – Glass Shelf Clip Kits, which are chrome-plated shelf clip brackets, a 3/8″ clear glass shelf, and come in come in two size options of 24″ x 6″ x 3″ h or 24″ x 10″ x 3″ h. This was the perfect starting point for adding extra storage. Next was onto organizing my products so I could fit as much on the shelves as possible, while being able to find everything for a quick morning beauty routine.

So what did I use…

I used Acrylic Lipstick Risers for my lipstick and lip glosses which I already owned and had used to organize my Medicine Cabinet in my last apartment {featured in this post}. Then I bought clear Linus Shallow Drawer Organizers so I could organize the remainder of my makeup. I used one drawer organizer for foundation and powders, another for bronzers and blush, and another for eyeshadows.

Chanel Bobbi Brown and Nars Makeup Organized

I placed each drawer on a separate shelf so everything was visible and easy to grab.

Organize your Makeup with Linus Shallow Drawer Organizersorganize your makeup in clear bins

For makeup brushes and mascaras, I bought tall narrow Clear Amac Boxes {removing the lid} and organized them by placing brushes in one and eye liners and mascaras in another.

Makeup Brush Holder

I used the extra space alongside my drawers for miscellaneous face washes, face cream, eye creams, and deodorant.

Bathroom Mounted Shelves

And there you have it, a bathroom fit for a queen!

Bathroom Shelves completely organized

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  1. This looks great! but it shortens the longevity of your make up products (unless you have stellar ventilation) due to the moisture and heat –so I’ve heard. Any chance for a round-up post for us gals with tiny NYC apt bathrooms (aka— need a vanity/dresser hybrid elsewhere in the apt).

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