Organize your Purses

Organize your PursesOrganize your PursesOrganize your PursesOrganize your Purses

Have you ever been running late to dinner and the last thing you need to do is grab that orange cross-body clutch… but when you get to your purse drawer, it takes an additional five minutes to locate and then untangle? Well, this happened to me the other night (#irritating/ #embarrassing/ #unacceptable). So I decided to get organized!

I found that the best way to do so was by buying a canvas basket like the Flax Eyelet Tote so the purses could be arranged like sardines, orderly but revealing just enough of each bag so you know which is which. A crucial next step is to tuck any long straps inside their respective purse; tangles be gone! Lastly, arrange your bags by color, or from day to night. You can even do several baskets, one for larger purses and one for smaller. Then tada! Next time you are tardy, you will have one less thing slowing you down!

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