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One of the things I was most excited about when I found out I was having a baby girl was the fact that I could dress her up like my very own barbie… and in baby land that means endless and endless bows. I started asking for bows as gifts so I would have every color to match the FHB’s outfits and in no time I had enough to fill a whole drawer. Not wanting any to be squished combined with the idea that I wanted to be able to easily match back my options to my outfits, I came up with two solutions. One was for my clip bows and one was for my headbands.

For bows, I took a long ribbon and clipped each of my bows (by color and then by style) along the edge. I took a hammer and nailed the ribbon into my wall, then covered the nail with a large clip flower (also can be hidden by a large bow).

For my headbands, I simply bought a classic tie rack and hung my headbands by color! How is easy is that! Now my baby girl has endless options… and the best part is, unlike her Newborn size clothing, she won’t be growing out of these in a wink!

Now go have a boatload of fun organizing!

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