Nursery Tour {First NYC Apartment}

A Tour of my baby nurserybookshelfcrib view

As you well know, I love home decor. So from the moment I found out I was pregnant I was equally as excited to have a new project of decorating a nursery as much as I was at the idea of becoming a mother (wish I was kidding!). The one main obstacle I faced from the get-go was not knowing the gender, so I decided to take this challenge head on by working with neutral colors – I started with a grey and white chevron rug via Pottery Barn [similar to this], continued with all white wood baby furniture – my crib and changing table from Giggle [the Alex Crib & Alex Dresser in White], and chose a white wooden headboard from West Elm [The Moroccan Headboard in White].

The nursery bedding which I featured in this article, was a mix of sea foam and neutrals (I will admit I was slightly bias in thinking I was having a boy when I chose this bedding colors, but in hindsight, I actually love what I chose… the bedding makes the room feel classy in a way). Next was the artwork. I spent a lot of time on Etsy trying to find a mix of pink and blue baby pieces, but ultimately I ended up falling in love with these bright colored doggy prints [by Wallfry]. You can choose your style of pup and backdrop colors; I chose dogs the FHH and I owned as kids… then when they arrived I took them to the frame store and bought white wooden frames to match the furniture. The turquoise, orange, and yellow backgrounds I chose matched perfectly to the bright assortment of children’s books I put on my book shelves. They also coordinated back to the endless Orange Tennessee stuffed animals we received thanks to my husband’s family – which the FHH stressed were imperative to put on display so the FHB knows what team she will be rooting for (oh brother!).

We scored a great gender neutral glider chair from Buy Buy Baby. Most importantly it was really comfortable and equally as great, it was incredibly well priced!

animalskisses given hererocking chair from BuyBuyBaby

Once the FHB was born, I added the finishing touches… gold letters with the FHB’s initials [from C Wonder– in stores they have the full alphabet]. The initials were dear to our heart since our baby was named after our two grandfather’s. And of course some pink accents were necessary! Thanks to a few friends we received a bedazzled pink piggy bank, a pink dog stuffed animal from FAO Schwartz, a pink doll, a pink music box… Let’s just say I lucked out not having to buy much (and recommend you hold off and do the same- you are bound to receive lots of gender related gifts!)

So there it is… the tour you have all been waiting for. I would say I have a new passion for children’s decor… contemplating starting a business… or having more children soon.

baby's first booksmoo rocking cow from GiggleCrib from Gigglenurse's bed

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