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Dane’s DIY 1st Birthday Photo Shoot

September 16, 2018
Taking “professional” photos of your baby on their 1st Birthday has actually become a thing and you can browse Pinterest for hours to prove it! So of course I hopped on the same mommy train and began browsing and pinning! In the end I realized that staging this “1st birthday photo” was something that could easily be done at home (no studio...

Dane’s Birthday Party Checklist

September 16, 2018
After a busy summer, Dane’s 1st birthday snuck up on us. So I decided to throw a little celebration for our family last minute with dinner, bubbles, music, and a cake smash. But of course even the most intimate celebration meant the cutest decorations so I headed online in search of 1st Birthday Party Decor in a baby blue color...

Baby Feeding Favorites from Boon

I cannot believe how much Dane has grown and changed this summer. He turned one at the end of August so he is fully on solids, feeding himself (mostly with his hands but starting to try a spoon), and even drinking whole milk! I can’t believe he’s such a big boy!! I have shared my love for the baby company...
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