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Playhouse Makeover

March 27, 2020   •  Baby & Child

Corona Virus Wellness Kit

March 23, 2020   •  Beauty

Playhouse Makeover

with Behr Paint

March 27, 2020
Playhouse Makeover DIY Our kids have wanted a playhouse in our backyard for as long as I can remember, so I decided it would be the perfect treat to surprise them with one, especially with Spring Break and the Quarantine in place! I partnered with Behr Paint and their new Spray Paint line to take a wooden playhouse I found online and...

Jazz up your Home-Made Easter Desserts

with these Decorations

March 25, 2020
Easter Cupcake Toppers & More! Home-made treats for Easter? No problem! I can handle banking cupcakes and cakes, but when it comes to decorating, I am no pro! So I decided the best “party hack” would be to buy an assortment of adorable cupcake and cake toppers (edible and decorative) to really steal the show. Take these edible bunny feet...

Corona Virus Wellness Kit

March 23, 2020
Treat Yourself I am on Day 10 of Social Distancing and honestly starting to hit a wall. The first few days felt incredibly care-free and relaxing; no where to be, no emails to check, no activities to rush to. It was a really nice break from the usual fast-paced and hectic life we live! Then the next few days were...

Healthy Recipes

to Make during Social Distancing

March 17, 2020
Healthy Recipe Ideas during this Whirl Wind Time Its truly a crazy time… so crazy that at times I have gone to pinch myself. Is this really happening? Are we really social distancing? How long will this go on? Will my family be safe? How many people will get sick? So much of the unknown is concerning but what I...

Blue Hues for Spring

March 17, 2020
Blue Hues Since we began our Social Distancing this past week, I decided I would make a few swaps around the house to create lighter and brighter spaces to lighten the mood during this tough time. I started in our Family room by swapping my grey hues for winter for a sea of soft blues for Spring (you probably remember...

Easter Tablescape

with Pottery Barn

March 12, 2020
Easter is coming… The inspiration for this year’s Easter tablescape came from the beautiful blue in Pottery Barn’s Mason Dinnerware set. I loved the softness of the color and also loved that it was a nice change from the usual sea of pinks and purples that I am drawn to for the holiday (see past Easter parties here). It was...

All the Blues

Round up for Spring

March 10, 2020
My favorite Blues for Spring If you follow my instagram, you know I am loving the color blue for Spring. So today I wanted to share some of my favorite accents you can add around your home. From tableware items like glasses and napkins, to bigger home accents, like a fresh rug or ginger jars! Happy Spring Shopping!! Blues Baskerville...

Preparing for Easter

March 9, 2020
Preparing for Easter 2020 It’s hard to believe that Easter is around the corner, so today I wanted to share a few of my finds from Pottery Barn that I plan to use to bring this year’s table to life! In past year’s I have done very feminine colors – tons of pinks and violets {see my Easter Section for...

Spring Parties

March 3, 2020
I am excited to share a new section on Fashionable Hostess called Spring Parties. These beautiful and bright posts were floating around in various parts of my site so I wanted to place them all in one easy to locate spot. In this section you will find: Spring tablesettings, cheese boards, cocktails, and more! Hope you enjoy browsing and pinning!
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