Organize your Delicates

Organize your Delicates

Come winter time I find my delicates/socks/underwear/bra/tights drawer to be utter chaos. The morning hustle and bustle leave tights tied in knots, socks mis-matched… finding a pair of brown thin socks to match my day’s outfit can be as difficult as finding a diamond in the ruff. I recognize that creating a New Year’s resolution to fold everything perfectly post-use is about as realistic a task as teaching a dog to do a back flip, so instead I decided that creating organized sections, ie. drawer dividers (or in my case, various sized shoe boxes), I could separate each item into it’s own area, making it 1/2 as much work to find what I need.

Organize your DelicatesOrganize your Delicates

What you need todo:

  1. Asses your messy drawer. Create a mental list of how many items you have and how many boxes you will need to organize your drawer. My drawer required 5 sections: 1. For bras, 2. For underwear, 3. For workout socks, 4. For tights & thin socks, 5. For thick socks.
  2. Next, it is time to find shoes boxes that will {1} fit into your drawer in length and height, {2} decide which items should go in which boxes (ie. bulky socks take up more room and thus need a larger box), and {3} Map out where your boxes will fit into the drawer – kind of like a jigsaw puzzle! [I have also heard that Ikea makes great drawer dividers, but I figured why spend money when I have boxes laying around.]
  3. Lay out your boxes on a flat surface such as your bed and arrange/fold your items into each box ensuring a perfect fit. (Take into account whether you have done laundry recently and may have more waiting to be cleaned!)
  4. Place the boxes into the drawer and enjoy your newly organized life with stress-free mornings! I have a feeling you own a lot more things than you expected!!


Organize your Delicates

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