Bakeware Checklist for your Registry

When it comes to registering for bakeware in preparation of your wedding, there are some absolute essential items I recommend you get to start off your married cooking career. {Reality check: You are now a married “adult” and an empty drawer below your oven is just unacceptable!} Also, let’s be serious, your husband will fall even more madly in love with you when he comes home to a fresh batch of baked cookies {better than mom’s!}. And your mother-in-law will be forever grateful when you show up to her birthday lunch with home-made cupcakes. So if I had to narrow down to the absolute essentials, this is what I would add to my registry list:

For pans, a set of two non-stick baking pan sheets, a cupcake / muffin pan, and non-stick spring form pans for cakes. Also not featured but highly recommended is a bundt cake pan.


For baking tools, you will need measuring cups, measuring spoons, some sort of whisk {electronic would be nice too!}, and a sturdy mixing bowl!

I love packaged deals so you get get everything you need in one swoop. A fabulous deal is a ten piece set for $99.00 at Bloomingdales {see below}: