Glassware Checklist for Your Registry

FH Decor Idea: Glassware ChecklistFH Decor Idea: Glassware Checklist

I put together a complete list of all of the glassware you may need for everyday to entertaining… I recommend buying at LEAST a set of 6 for each. Personally, I usually buy sets of 8 to 12 because it’s nice to have all matching stemware when you have bigger parties. Also, you never know when one may break and I have found it’s so much easier to just splurge the first go around then to be hiking through Crate & Barrel trying to find the matching style!

  1. Classic Wine Glasses [Crate & Barrel Gus Wine Glasses]
  2. Old Fashioned or Lowball Glasses – For your husband’s guys nights of Whiskey
  3. Elegant Champagne Flutes – Check out THIS FH article for these gorgeous Juliska ones [Juliska Amalia Flutes]
  4. Funky Champagne Flutes – Since I love Champagne I have 2 sets of flutes – one for a sophisticated soirees and another for a modern swanky vibe [Crate & Barrel Paloma Sparkling Wine Flutes]
  5. Fancy Water Glasses – I love these glasses for my dinner parties. See THIS FH article for how stunning they looked on my dinner table [Villeroy & Boch Boston Goblet]
  6. Everyday Water Glasses (Not featured: I have a set of matching glasses in lowball for a quick sip as well)
  7. Beer Glasses – I prefer these nice glasses to a million beer bottles littering the countertops of my home during cocktail parties [Crate & Barrel Portland 22oz Beer Glass]

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