Anniversary to Remember

Anniversary to Remember

Last week was my one year wedding anniversary (a recap of my wedding post was here). My husband came up with the brilliant idea that for our anniversary celebrations he would plan the odd years and I would plan the even years; and let’s just say that after his planning, I am thanking my lucky stars I have a whole year to plan out our second one.

I was given the simple instructions to be “dressed to the nines” for a night on the town by 5:30 pm. I wore an adorable girly AQUA Textured Dress (total steal!) and Christian Louboutin Vendome Metallic Platform Red Sole Pumps (a splurge for all of my upcoming summer weddings!), and would you believe I did my own hair (tips here)!

At 5:30 sharp I headed downstairs to my lobby where I was greeted by my handsome husband who was sporting a fresh hair cut and a custom made blue suit. He was standing alongside a driver and gave me the simple instructions to “Hop in!” so I did. And then the fun began… first stop, the restaurant where we went on our first date for a bottle of Rose and a hummus appetizer. Next, to our old apartment’s roof deck (the very spot where we got engaged) where a surprise guest, our photographer Madeline, was waiting to take photos – a complete re-enactment of the proposal (hence the photos above). It was so much fun – he got down on one knee right where we stood almost exactly two years prior. People in the building alongside ours must have noticed the action and actually came out on to their balcony to cheer (we obviously played along!). There were four more stops afterward: our regular date night spot when we lived on the UWS, Atlantic Grill, for a seafood tower; then to our current Flatiron date night spot, SEN, for sushi (with a premo spot at the sushi bar); then to my absolute favorite dessert in the city – a 10 tiered chocolate cake from Strip House. Lastly, the late night Jazz club on the LES, Ella (the very place of our first kiss!!), where we danced right in front of the live band.

So as I sit here teary eyed taking in these pictures with Baby Reese in my arms, I am in eternal bliss. I can never express how thankful I am for my husband, and I can never type out how much fun I had that night.  Hopefully, though, by sharing these photos you can get a glimpse of what true happiness looks like.

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