“How to make makeup last in the summer heat” : An Interview with Professional Makeup Artist Ashley Mandy

Ashley Mandy’s Bio:

Ashley Mandy, Professional Makeup Artist featured in InStyle, Vogue Latino America, & People Espanol

Ashley Mandy is an artist at heart and a lover of fashion with an entrepreneurial spirit. She started her business in Los Angeles, but found that her business flourished when she made the move to Miami Beach. She is the daughter of world renowned cosmetic dermatologist, Dr. Stephen Mandy. Growing up surrounded by skin care and cosmetics gave her a strong understanding of the canvas that she works on today. Also being an artist in many mediums gives Ashley a very unique edge in her field. She is currently pursuing her dreams while working on sets of photo shoots all around the world, providing personal consulting for clients in her makeup studio, and educating young makeup artists at the International Makeup Career Center. Ashley has a true love for giving the gift of beauty to her clients. She always makes sure that each individual is given her full attention. Ensuring that everyone leaving her chair is fully satisfied and looking their best.
Ashley Mandy’s Summer Beauty Survival Guide:
Summer lovin’ havin a blast, summer lovin, it happened so fast…
The melting of your makeup that is! The heat of summer is upon us, and for those of us who want to stay glamorous, it gets a bit challenging when the elements are working against you.  Living and working as a freelance makeup artist in Miami, FL, I have grown accustomed to battling makeup meltdowns due to the heat and humidity.  Now it is time to gear up and prepare our faces, so that even when we feel the heat it never shows.
Step 1. Proper Prepping
The way that you prep your skin is vital to how the makeup will stay on your face for the rest of the day or evening. Think of it like priming a canvas before you create your masterpiece.  Your skin should always be freshly cleansed and moisturized before an application.  If you are going to be outdoors at all, make sure that you apply sunscreen as well. If you have oily skin use it in place of your moisturizer. You can also use a mattifying primer that absorbs your skins oils throughout the day, helping your makeup stay on longer.
Recommended Products for Prepping
– Removes dirt, sweat and makeup without the need to rinse! It’s an exfoliant, detoxifier and rejuvenator all wrapped up in one on-the-go biodegradable wipe.
Best Overall Skincare Line:
Olay Pro X
Age Repair Lotion spf 30 $42
– Love this line of products, affordable and effective, I switched over to this and my skin has honestly never looked better.
Best SPF:
– A super light weight, water resistant and rapid penetrating formula that is great under makeup and won’t leave you feeling sticky and oily.
Best Mattifying Gel/ Primer:
– It kept the shine in check on the set of American Idol under hot lights and tons of pressure, so imagine what it can do for you.  Its micro particles absorb the oil, without clogging your pores, so your skin’s hydration level isn’t compromised. It’s non-irritating, making it suitable for even the most sensitive skin types.
Step 2. Use Long Wear/ Weather Proof Products
In the summer, “waterproof” and “long wear” are key words to look for in your products, especially if you like more coverage in your foundation and eyeliner on your eyes.  Also products that are multi-purpose are wonderful, because less is more when it’s hot.  Plus they save time, which I know we are all short on most days.
– If you are not a foundation person and just want to even out your skin tone instead of covering it up, then I recommend using a tinted moisturizer with spf, like Laura Mercier Oil Free Tinted Moisturizer spf 20 $42.
– If you like more coverage and battle oily shiny skin, then I recommend using Christian Dior’s Dior Skin Forever Extreme Wear Flawless Makeup spf25 $46.
– For cheeks and lips Stila Convertible Color $25 is fantastic; long lasting color that keeps you looking glowy and fresh for summer. My favorite color is ‘Lillium’ but honestly they are all great.
– Keep your eyes smudge and drip free with Makeup Forever’s Aqua Eyes $18. The pencil eyeliners come in every color you could ever desire and would stay on through a synchronized swim routine. Actually that’s what they were made for!  With some of the lighter colors I will just use it on the entire lid and soften the edges for an eye shadow look that won’t budge.
– For lips that stay bright day to night go with a lip stain.  I actually love both Revlon Just Bitten and Cover Girl Outlast lip stain. I haven’t found a color I dislike yet, but one favorite from Revlon Bitten is ‘Gothic’.  Wear with a little lip balm for a more natural look or layer a clear gloss on top for more shine.
Step 3. Keep Touch ups Handy
Even with the best long wear products we still need to stay on top of touch ups a little bit. So here are a few things I never leave home without.
– 99.8% natural and can also be used as a facial toner, under arm refresher, zit zapper, and aromatherapy boost.
– It has been around since 1895 and is another multitasking miracle worker that looks and feels lovely on the lips.  I suggest getting the new tube packaging over the cute little tin. In the heat it will melt in the tin and gets very difficult to open.
– Dry Sunscreen that acts like a loose powder, best way to reapply sunscreen on top of your makeup without making a mess of your face!  Comes in both Translucent and Tanned, so you can also use it like a bronzer if desired.
– These will suck up any excess oils that happen to creep through the primers and long wear makeup, they take away the oil but leave the makeup where you put it.
MAC Blot Powder Pressed Papers
– Comes in five shades, it is designed to only take away shine without adding noticeable color or texture. Great way to set and touch up makeup.
– It’s my latest favorite for a gorgeous bronzed glow all over. It’s 360 airbrush technology makes it easy to get to every angle, and it gives an instant result with the tinted mist that develops into a long lasting golden tan.  I am fair skinned and have tried just about every self-tanning product out there, so you can definitely trust me on this one!
Now with these tips you should be ready to take on the summer months feeling carefree and looking fabulous!!
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