July Beauty Essentials

July Beauty EssentialsJuly Beauty EssentialsJuly Beauty EssentialsJuly Beauty Essentials

Body: In July there are two essentials… one, that you are moisturized (this will help keep your skin young and fresh amidst the sun), and two, that you are tan. Now since over-doing the sun can dry you out, leave you with blotchiness, oh and the obvious of skin cancer (I guess that should have been the first note), I usually go with the “fake route” and apply instant tanner. LORAC’s self Tan-talizer is like the Jergen’s version of a tan towel without the weird smell and a lot stronger. Essentially with one application I am “glowing” and a second, I am “tan”. But what I really love is that it is a pretty dark color right out of the tube, so unlike most tanners where you lather it on and it’s this guessing game of where you applied it, you see right then and there where you may have missed. As for the Caudalie Organic Grape Water spray… more than anything, I just like how it feels. It is so refreshing in the summer heat and it comes out a nice cool mist rather than a boring old moisturizer lotion. I add it on top of my daily face moisturizer as a way of doubling up and then spray my neck and chest as well.

Hair: I have to say that summer + hair in general is a crappy mix. I have “wavy-ish” hair… some days it can dry with a nice wave, some days I wake up with an Afro… I would say that the one upside to my hair is that it can hold a blow out longer than most peoples, but in reality, I have a pretty average head of hair to deal with. So now that I have evened the playing field and hopefully stunned you since my hair looks like flowing locks in all of my pics (pat on the back), I must admit that the reason for this outcome is because I apply endless upon endless products. So here we go… when my hair is wet and I want it to dry with a tame set of waves I apply Minardi Subdue creme. When my hair has been blown out and I am now entering days 2 and 3 and need some volume, I go with Oscar Blandi Pronto Texture and Volume spray and use the blow dryer with a round brush to get it back into shape. When I am going in the sun for a beach day and don’t want my hair getting fried, I apply L’oreal Color Vibrancy Dual Protect spray. A combo of these three should help win the battle against the humidity and have you fooling people that your hair is naturally flawless.

Face: At my friend’s wedding a few weeks ago the woman who did our makeup was a Bobbi Brown makeup artist and she totally got me hooked on two new products. One, the Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder in “Golden Light 1″. It’s a great “you look tan” color. I always recommending swapping to a darer bronzer in the summer so you look more sunkissed, so this is a great option. And then there is the Bobbi Brown Sheer Finish Pressed Powder in “Warm Natural 6″, which I am not kidding you when I say it makes you look air brushed. Pat a small amount on your oily T-Zone areas and you will look oil-free, matte, and smooth. It’s a miraculous product; I can’t believe I went 28 years without it.

Lips: This summer all rage is bold lip color. And ever since I dared to take the plunge last month and try it out, I am totally converted. I am having so much fun alternating between hot reds, hot pinks, and more. L’Oreals lipsticks have been my go-to because they are so inexpensive that I don’t feel guilty splurging on a few extra colors to test them out. And the end result, they look great!! Oh, and did I mention that a bright lip makes your teeth appear even more white? Double score!

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