June Beauty Essentials

fish oil and biotin

Usually my monthly ‘beauty essentials list’ focuses on the latest lipgloss or tanning lotions, but for this month I wanted to focus more on beautifying from the inside. Two major beauty aspects I am always obsessing over are 1. my hair and 2. my skin. While doing weekly hair masks and face masks definitely do help (trust me, I have tried going weeks consistently applying and then weeks consistently neglecting, and the difference is obvious!), you still need to have the proper nutrients so you have a good foundation to work with. So, my two daily vitamins of choice are: Biotin and Fish Oil.

For those of you who are weary of starting a new routine simply because I recommend it… I decided to answer of few of my readers questions that I hope will put your mind to ease.

Olivia asked, “What are the pro’s to taking Biotin and Fish Oil?”: Biotin is associated with stimulating hair and nail growth. From personal experience, I noticed that my nails got stronger and broke less often. The pro to taking it in the pill form is that the vitamin is incredibly hard to find in everyday foods. For Fish Oil, Health.com studies show that the Omega 3 Fatty Acids “benefit skin by regulating oil production, boosting hydration, preventing acne, and delaying the skin’s aging process.” . There are about 100 other perks to Fish Oil as well, including lowering your blood pressure, preventing heart disease, preventing depression, preventing painful periods, helping prevent pregnancy complications.*

Alex said, “I am scared of pills, is there any other way to get these same nutrients?”: According to Wikipedia, “Foods with a relatively high biotin content include Swiss chard, raw egg yolk, liver, Saskatoon berries, leafy green vegetables, and peanuts.” Can’t say I am a fan of ‘egg yellows’ or liver, so a pill would be my recommendation. As for Fish Oil, you can tell by the name it’s a tad easier to come by. The best fish to get it from are mackerel, tuna, salmon, sturgeon, herring, and trout, to name a few.

Katie asked, “How much do you take of each vitamin and what brand do you buy? Where can you buy them?”: For Biotin I take one 5000 mcg pill a day and for Fish Oil I take one 1000 mg a day. See the picture above of the brand I use called Nature’s Bounty. Find their store locator list here. I actually got mine at CVS!

Michelle said, “I get stomach aches whenever I take vitamins which is why I never take them. Do you have a recommendation for stomaching them?”: Great question since I also have a sensitive stomach. To keep your stomach at ease, always take vitamins when there’s some food in your stomach. So at least after breakfast, or possibly even after lunch. Personally, I take mine after I have brushed my teeth and am going to bed. That way its a part of my night time routine and I never forget to take them!

Now keep in mind I am by NO MEANS a doctor, I am just a beauty concious girl that doesn’t mind taking a few extra vitamins to get that extra glow! So if you are still uncomfortable with the idea of adding something to your regimen, you can always consult with a physician first. I would especially recommend doing so if you are pregnant, nursing, or have any existing conditions!

* Studies from www.webmd.com

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