December, 2018

New Years Party Props

December 27, 2018
After a Christmas hangover, the last thing many of want todo is hop back on the hosting wagon, but New Years Eve is 5 days away!! In need of some party supplies FAST because I am hosting, I rushed over to Amazon to find some of my New Years Eve party props! 2019 Balloons, a Happy New Year Banner, tiaras,...

New Years Barware

December 26, 2018
Did you notice while hosting over the Holidays that you were missing a few essentials for your bar? Or maybe you just want a few new special pieces to bring in the new year? Whether bringing a gift to your host or preparing to host your own New Years Eve party, I created this round up of fabulous bar pieces...

Holiday Pajama Party

& Gift Wrap Tutorial with Tinsel Dot

December 24, 2018
The Blogger Holiday Pajama Party This winter I hosted yet another Blogger event and this time the theme was a Holiday Pajama Party! I teamed up with fellow bloggers Tinsel Dot who made the ‘activity’ of the evening a gift wrapping tutorial (which was something we could all use as we prepared for the holiday season). The menu included a...
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