Gift Guide for the Kids

Time to check the kids in your family off your list, and with kids in my house ranging from 15 months to nearly 6, I have a house full of critics who helped me put this Gift list together! Hope this sparks some fun and unique ideas for your little ones!! Ever item here is a winner in our book!

  1. Schylling Electric Key Board is the cutest starter piano for the music lovers of the family.
  2. OOLY Sunshine & Rainbows Coloring Pack it’s always sunshine and rainbows with this fun coloring pack, which includes a set of 10 erasable and ergonomic crayons, erasers, and sketch books!
  3. Elmers Glue Galaxy Slime Kit is the kit for your galactic slime creator. And btw, I don’t know one kid that doesn’t love slime!
  4. Inflatable Unicorn Bouncy Toy for the toddler who can’t sit still. They will love bouncing away on this one (parent supervision is definitely required!).
  5. OOLY Unique Unicorn Writing Super Set because unicorn anything is the best thing ever (according to my 5 year old!)! I love that this set makes her excited about writing and drawing!
  6. Bella Tunno Fries before Guys Plate because it’s never too early to teach some of Life’s big lessons (and makes for amazing instagram photos!).
  7. Green Toys Car Carrier the go-to gift for any child that loves cars and trucks! PS I love this company because they make toys in the US out of 100% recycled materials!
  8. OOLY Chunkies Paint Stick Set is for colorful paintings without any mess. That’s because the paint is encased inside a plastic barrel. Just twist up the paint stick and start painting! (Sounds perfect for my all-white house!)
  9. Bella Tunno Rubber Duck Yellow duck? That’s so last season!
  10. Dylans Candy Bar Candy Bucket filled with unique treats like Dark Chocolate Bar, Milk Chocolate Bar, Malted Milk Bar, Good-to-Go Nonpareil Pretzels, and Good-to-Go Junk Food Pouch, it’s an easy gift for kids of all ages!
  11. Unicorn Tablet Pillow basically my daughter’s dream combined… a stuffie and an iPad in one (iPad not included!).
  12. OOLY Creative Kids Art Super Set Another amazing pre-wrapped set of art supplies… includes erasable colored pencils and a set of 4 stackable Presto Chango erasable crayons, which work great on the super cute fox themed carry-along sketchpad. Also included is the amazing Chunkies Paint Sticks!!
  13. Educational Insights Playroom finally foam for kids that never dries out! This will be hours of creative fun!
  14. OOLY Modern Desk Writing Super Set is a great gift for the pre-teens, filled with metallic and bronze colored pencils, notebooks, and stickers! I have to admit I kind of wanted to keep this set for myself because I love office supplies and fun pens!
  15. Melissa and Doug Ice cream Truck this child-size playhouse (yes, they can fit inside!!) offers hours of fun for imaginative youngsters, and it includes a reversible sandwich board sign!
  16. Bella Tunno Rubber Duck which is the cutest addition to bath time for the little bubbas.
  17. Light up Unicorn Digital Clock a unicorn digital clock for any stylish girl (especially perfect for 4+ who are learning to tell time!).
  18. Four in a Row Game I am always looking for fun games to play with my kids and this is a great one! Quick and fun and totally easy to teach to young ages!

Happy shopping!

Thank you to brands that partnered for this post.

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