1. Fall Updates


    Fall is in full swing at the #MiaChateauFH… we spent the last week swapping out our usual gold and white vases and candles for endless pumpkins and wreaths. Meanwhile for our wardrobes we are taking the same approach, swapping out ballet flats for boots, and whites and linens for dark chambray. I have to say that while I love decorating, my little ones may be the ones having the most fun this season. Eveytime I turn around they are re-arranging my coffee and side table displays saying… “actually this pumpkin looks better over here!” Who knew pumpkins could be so much fun!

    So what am I loving for this little one’s Fall wardrobe? We headed to Old Navy for a bunch of Fall essentials: a denim shift dress, something striped, a breezy boho swing dresses, and of course boots with fringe. Shop more of my Fall picks below and for those of you who missed my Fall Home Tour {with a little help from my mini assistant} see it here!


    Shop Reese’s Fall updates:

    Thank you to Old Navy for sponsoring this post.

    Photography by Yesi of Simply Lively 

  2. Flor Squares


    I have spent the last month putting the finishing touches on my house, and a big todo on my list was to find a really cozy, neutral, resilient rug to put in our kids’ playroom. While I love having tile floors throughout the house, I wanted to make this room a comfy space where my kids could curl up with a book, roll around giggling, spend hours playing with toys, maybe even have a little fall {hopefully not a bad one!}. So I was thrilled when I was introduced to the custom rug company, Flor. Of course the term “custom designs” had me…

  3. Summer Send Off with a Milkshake Social


    Forget about that bikini body, Katie Jacobs of StylingMyEveryday.com is guest contributing today sharing the perfect summed send off: A Milkshake Social! From the most over-the-top milkshakes I have ever seen, to the cutest taste-tester, Katie has me running to the nearest ice cream parlor in jealousy! Read on for how Katie created this adorable party! Katie writes:  After a long hot summer of pool parties, backyard fun, and play dates around the neighborhood, I thought we’d celebrate the end of the sunny season by inviting our neighbors over for a milkshake social. Elaborate milkshakes piled high with sweet treats took center…

  4. Miami Playroom Tour

    Baby Playroom - Fashionable Hostess Home Miami

    So many people ask how I keep my house clean while having two little kids. The answer… I made them a playroom so fun they never want to play anywhere else!! Welcome to the most popular room in our home {ok, maybe the kitchen is – but this is a close second!}. We love this space so much; I love the natural light that pours in from our backyard and the sweet displays on our open-shelving, the kids love everything inside of it. I first decided todo open shelving because I wanted my kids to be able to reach up and grab books…

  5. Back to School

    Back to School with Old Navy Toddler Denim- Fashionable Hostess Post 3
    Back to School with Old Navy - Fashionable Hostess Post

    It’s been an amazing summer filled with dance camps, gymnastics, swimming, and what I think is just the start of many home theater performances. But now that summer is coming to a close, we are excited for the next chapter – starting nursery! I have to say we have been having a lot of fun preparing – practicing writing with dry erase marker books and reading every night before bed, but this week we were prepping our wardrobes at Old Navy. Cute skinny jeans were a must on our school style list and I love the elastic waistband on the…

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