1. Host a Wine & Apps Night

    Wine is Served by FashionableHostess.com

    Wine and cheese has become a classic go-to when hosting guests, but sometimes it’s nice to change it up. I know what you are thinking…. betray my cheese and crackers when it involves minimal work and looks so chic? No thanks! Well, I have some easy alternatives that are just as quick and look tres chic for guests! Cheers to some new ways of entertaining!

    Option 1: A Salami and Pickles Plate. {I recommend pre-slicing both items for easy sharing and serving with toothpicks.}

    Salami + Pickels Appetizer // FashionableHostess.com

    Option 2: A colorful Crudité Platter with Dips. {I recommend buying at least 3 different colored veggies and then serving with Hummus or Ranch Dressing.}

    Vegetable Platter  // FashionableHostess.com

    Option 3: Nuts and Goji Berry Bowls. {I recommend Goji Berries because they are the ‘hot’ update in the world of dried fruit but dried cherries or figs are a great substitute as well.}

    Nuts + Goji Berries  // FashionableHostess.com

    Option 4: Eat dessert first! {No rules in my house! Be the fun hostess and put together a tray of sweets – I recommend choosing three candies in the same color family – here I chose Hot Tomales, Licorice, and Jelly Beans!}

    Candy  // FashionableHostess.com

  2. Win a MaiGirl Shopping Spree!

    Hot off the press!! I am so excited to partner with MaiGirl {a line you probably remember from this fab Fashionable Hostess instagram shot} bringing you an exclusive $250.00 Shopping Spree! MaiGirl, a modern chic line {that will be hitting stores this Fall!} has pieces that take you from the office straight to drinks – covering all of the essentials of a working woman at affordable prices. Now that you are ready to shop, Here is how to enter for a $250 Shopping Spree: Follow MaiGirl Instagram {+ 1 entry} Follow MaiGirl Twitter {+ 1 entry} Follow MaiGirl Facebook {+ 1 entry} Tweet your…

  3. Organize your Winter Accessories

    This is the longest winter EVER! I keep praying that each morning I will wake up to a brisk sunny 50 degree day {and that’s not even THAT warm!} but instead every day is another snowy and frigid forecast in the low 30’s. I have tried the spring mentality, leaving my hats, gloves and scarves at home, telling myself it’s not that bad out, but I always end up cutting my errands short to run home and throw on more layers. I decided to finally be real with myself; give in to the cold and stay bundled. To make my…

  4. Drugstore Beauty Faves

    Fashionable Hostess Drugstore Beauty Picks

    While most of my beauty recommendations are encouraged additions to your ‘splurge’ list, I love finding bargain beauty products {and it doesn’t get much better than ones from your local drugstore!} Of late, a few of my on-the-fly buys have turned into new obsessions, so here are my recent bargain beauty picks! Hair spray: L’Oreal Paris Elnett Satin $14.99. What I love: this hairspray really holds! I get major static and fly-aways in the winter {must be from putting on and taking off hats and scarves!} but this spray is great for taming! Face Moisturizer: L’Oreal Age Perfect Glow Renewal Facial Oil…

  5. 12 Month Toddler: Baby’s 1st Birthday Outfit

    When your baby’s first birthday party comes around, it is truly a celebration. All of your friends and family flock to the birthday party {no matter the distance} and the spotlight is on your baby. Everyone wants to hold, kiss, and squeeze him or her and the amount of photos taken come close in number to the paparazzi catching the Kardashians exiting an NYC hotel. So what is your baby to wear on a day that will be documented in photos that sit on your grandmothers, great grandmothers, aunts, cousins, and even husband’s bedside table? FENDI of course! Ok so…

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