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Wine and cheese has become a classic go-to when hosting guests, but sometimes it’s nice to change it up. I know what you are thinking…. betray my cheese and crackers when it involves minimal work and looks so chic? No thanks! Well, I have some easy alternatives that are just as quick and look tres chic for guests! Cheers to some new ways of entertaining!

Option 1: A Salami and Pickles Plate. {I recommend pre-slicing both items for easy sharing and serving with toothpicks.}

Salami + Pickels Appetizer //

Option 2: A colorful Crudité Platter with Dips. {I recommend buying at least 3 different colored veggies and then serving with Hummus or Ranch Dressing.}

Vegetable Platter  //

Option 3: Nuts and Goji Berry Bowls. {I recommend Goji Berries because they are the ‘hot’ update in the world of dried fruit but dried cherries or figs are a great substitute as well.}

Nuts + Goji Berries  //

Option 4: Eat dessert first! {No rules in my house! Be the fun hostess and put together a tray of sweets – I recommend choosing three candies in the same color family – here I chose Hot Tomales, Licorice, and Jelly Beans!}

Candy  //

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