Baby’s Girls 1st Birthday Party CheckList

Baby Girls First Birthday Party

This past weekend was Reese’s First Birthday Party {catch some of the highlights on Fashionable Hostess Instagram!}. Wanting every aspect of it to be picture perfect, I did endless prep both online on Etsy and in-stores at Party City and the Envelopper in the Flatiron, NYC. As a teaser post I wanted to share my Prep List for putting it all together.

Table Set Up and Party Decor:

  • Party Hats {A mix of colors for boys and girls}
  • Polka Dot Napkins {Half in large for lunch and Half in small for the Bar and Magnolias Cupcakes dessert}
  • Pink Striped Popcorn containers {for Chips and Party Mix Snacks}
  • Pink Plates {Again Half in large for lunch and Half in small for the cupcakes}
  • Baby Spoons {For the baby Organic Baby Apple Sauce I served}
  • Birthday Candles {Pink & Purple Polka Dot ones as well as a Number One}
  • Striped Straws {For Adult Drinks}
  • Cupcake Toppers {For decor on my Cupcake Towers}
  • Candy Scoops {Which I actually never even ended up using because I ran out of space – oops! But such a cute idea.}
  • {Not Shown: Pink Party Cups,  Custom Stickers, Chinese Take-out Boxes for Party Favors}

011414-47-3038588280-OCupcake Toppers - Baby's 1st Birthday Party // FashionableHostess.comPink Polka Dot BIrthday Candles - Baby's 1st Birthday Party // FashionableHostess.comWooden Candy Scoopers - Baby's 1st Birthday Party // FashionableHostess.comWooden Baby Spoons with Chevron Detail - Baby's 1st Birthday Party // FashionableHostess.comPink Party Napkins and Party HatsPink Striped Straws - Baby's 1st Birthday Party //


  • I decided to go the virtual route for my invite and was the site I used. I used a design in their “First Birthday” section and then customized it by adding a cute photo and changing fonts! They have an “Event Manager Page” where you can opt in for Daily Updates {where they send you an email} updating you on who RSVP’ed, sent a personalized note, and an updated Tally of attendees. I also opted to have it send reminder emails to people who forgot to RSVP one week before the event, as well as send an email on the day of event for all of those who RSVP’ed yes reminding them of the time and location.

First Birthday Party Invitation

Can’t wait to share photos from the big party!

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