Baby’s 1st Birthday Party

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As you saw in my Instagram as well as my Birthday Party Prep Post, last week was Reese’s much anticipated First Birthday Party. I am so excited to finally share all of the details from the special day – from the agenda, to the decor, to what I served. It doesn’t get much cuter than this.

The birthday was from 12:30 – 3:00 on a Sunday afternoon {long by most first birthday party standards, but I knew people would be floating in and out}. The agenda was an interactive Musical Performance with one-man-show “Brett Band” followed by play time with a wide selection of toys from Melissa & Doug. I had a lunch buffet for people to enjoy at their leisure. To separate the two sides of the room {one for dining and one for playing}, I laid down 2 SkipHop Playspot Matts at one end with all of the toys to create a comfortable and safe ‘play area’.

The theme for the party was everything Pink {most of which I got on}! I hung Pink Ombre and Gold Glitter Circle Garlands, an adorable custom-made chevron pink birthday banner, I used pink table cloths/napkins/and straws on my buffet table, and then I created custom pink stickers for my party hats and home-made party favors.

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For lunch I created an adult and baby friendly buffet. I ordered catering from Grey Dog {so yum!} which included sandwich platters, a chicken finger platter {duh I needed an excuse to dig in myself}, and chicken and shrimp skewers. Then from Fresh Direct I ordered a veggie platter and cheese/fruit platter as well as all of my sodas, bottled waters, and seltzers. Being the paranoid mom that I am, I also made an additional cheese platter {see on my Instagram} in case we were short on food. I also had six bottles of champagne for people to enjoy although most were so busy chasing after their babies they went alcohol-free. For the babies I served organic applesauce and mum mum crackers.

Grey Dog Sandwich Platter - Catering // FashionableHostess.comGrey Dog Chicken Tenders // FashionableHostess.comFashionable Hostess Cheese Platter // FashionableHostess.comFresh Direct Crudite Platter // FashionableHostess.comBaby Lunch - Organic Applesauce // FashionableHostess.comBaby Mum Mums //

What made the party the most special of all was that I had so many family members fly into town to celebrate the big weekend. Reese is so blessed to have such a loving family unit.

To finish off the sweet day, I ordered two cupcake trees from Magnolia Bakery and over 60 cupcakes! I bought “Happy Birthday” cupcake toppers to display on each level. Reese was thrilled to try her first cupcake and had I not taken it away, she would have devoured the entire thing! Guess she got her mamma’s sweet tooth.

Magnolia Bakery Cupcakes // FashionableHostess.comBaby's First Piece of Cake // FashionableHostess.comShe likes it! // FashionableHostess.comBaby's First Magnolia Cupcake

And that’s a wrap! Stay tuned for a closer look at Reese’s birthday outfit in tomorrow’s post!

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