12 Month Toddler: Baby’s 1st Birthday Outfit

Babys first Fendi.001

When your baby’s first birthday party comes around, it is truly a celebration. All of your friends and family flock to the birthday party {no matter the distance} and the spotlight is on your baby. Everyone wants to hold, kiss, and squeeze him or her and the amount of photos taken come close in number to the paparazzi catching the Kardashians exiting an NYC hotel. So what is your baby to wear on a day that will be documented in photos that sit on your grandmothers, great grandmothers, aunts, cousins, and even husband’s bedside table? FENDI of course!

Ok so I know what you are thinking – this girl is OFF HER ROCKER. $429.00 for a dress my one year old is going to drool on, sneeze on, get cake on, and wear once?!?! Ok well as much as I would like to think I am the best mom in the whole world and would spend any amount on my baby, I wasn’t so sure I would be taking the plunge either… so I was THRILLED when I found out about BorrownMiniCouture.com. Ever heard of Rent the Runway? Well this is that but for babies. Read on… it’s too good to be true!


Much like Rent the Runway, you pick the dress of your choice and then rent it for a 5 day period. My concern OF COURSE was the return policy. A one year old is going to eat cake for the first time {with a highly probable chance some lands on the outfit} and they still will take it back?! Clearly stated in their FAQ section, they assure you that “every order is 100% insured so you don’t need to worry about those ‘oops’ moments – kids will be kids!” And as for borrowing something that more than likely has been worn before… they “work with a high-quality, professional cleaning team to ensure your outfits look like they just left the designer studio.” Mine came packaged in a beautiful box with tissue paper and was in mint condition – I never even thought twice whether it was new or not!


So which dress did I choose for Reese? She wore the FENDI Ivory Burnt Out Logo Dress, which ran true to size {she wore size 12 month}. It rented for $99.00 for a 5 day rental. Not cheap but way better than it’s original price of $429.00, and if I do say so myself, it came out beyond fabulous in the photos.

I would say that the best part of the rental by far though was the response from the guests. It doesn’t get much cuter than babies in designer duds and I think every guest ‘oooh-ed’ and ‘aaah-ed’ over how fabulous she looked. I even tried to convince Reese’s great grandmother that I needed a Chanel diaper bag to compliment the look, but I am not so sure she went for it. Hehe.

So birthday party dress hunters, wedding occasion dress hunters, or special family photo shoot dress hunters, this one’s for you!! Doesn’t every baby deserve their first designer moment?!


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  1. This look is *priceless* but I love that such a company exists for designer babes like Miss Reese. What a DIVA Fashionista!!!

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