Plan the Perfect Bridal Shower

Throw the perfect bridal shower

So you are given the task of planning a Bridal Shower, then what’s next? Here is my checklist for putting together the perfect day for your special bride PLUS a list of my favorite online stops for decor, invitations, and gifts!

Steps to planning a Bridal Shower:

Step 1 Pick the Date.

  • Ask the bride a few dates that work for her as well as her top 5 people that must be there {ie. her grandmother, her best friend from college, her evil cousin}. Once you have confirmed the proposed date works for most, proceed in planning.

Step 2 Choose your Venue.

  • Figure out the logistics for paying for the event {ask family, in-laws, or friends if they plan to contribute monetarily}. Once you have a budget in mind, begin your search. Think about your bride’s personality; is she frilly and glitzy? Is she low-key and simple? Is she conservative? Make sure to make this all about her!

Step 3 Send out Invitations.

  • Online or via snail mail, just make sure to include an RSVP deadline date. Some of my favorite sources for buying invitations are Minted and Pretty Little Papers.
  • Give guests direction for their gifts. People always ask if they should be bringing gifts from the registry or lingerie. By directing your guests, the bride will get more of what she wants! I have been to “cooking showers” where everyone buys something for their bride’s kitchen, while others have been as exact as a “happy hour shower” where the bride scores all her barware and cocktail books! If lingerie is the direction you plan to go, then don’t forget to clarify sizing for guests.

Step 4 Order Decorations.

  • My decor checklist include: a “Soon to be Mrs.” Banner“Hip Hip Hooray” BalloonsOmbre Tassel garlands, and Pink and Gold Love Confetti to be sprinkled on the table.
  • For color scheme, ask your bride what her wedding colors are and use them as your main accents; implement them into your floral centerpieces down to the napkins and cake.
  • Customize a signature drink that you know your bride will love, whether it’s a mimosa or sparkling lemonade. Order fun drink stirrers {like thesethese, or these} or custom straws. For dessert, make sure you know whether she is a chocolate or vanilla person, and if she’s a candy person, create a candy buffet!
  • Create Menu Cards with the bride’s name, shower date, and a fun hashtag to be placed at each guests’ seat. This will be fun memorabilia plus the hashtag will allow her to track all of the photos on social media.
  • Hire a photographer if your budget allows or designate one guest as the photographer.

Step 5 Plan Games and Gifts.

  • Ask bridesmaids if they would like to each say something {or have a story/ memory}. Ask sisters, sister-in-laws, mothers, mother-in-laws, and any other family if they would like to as well.
  • Keep your audience in mind when choosing games. If a grandma is in attendance you may want to keep the lingerie and sexy stories to a minimum. How cute is this Mad Lib Print Out for guests instead?
  • My favorite bridal shower gifts are: a custom hanger for the bride to use on her special day {my sister received one on her wedding which I featured on my Instagram here}, luggage tags with the bride’s new married initials, and for something truly special… a Sydney Evans Love Necklace. My mom got one for me and my sisters and I never take mine off!

Of course contact me with any other questions, concerns, or finds!! I love hearing from you guys!

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