December, 2012

Bedroom: Styling your Bedding

December 24, 2012
When it comes to buying new bedding I feel that there is this huge misconception that the simplest way is to go to ‘one’ store and buy ‘one set’ so that it all matches. While a one-stop-shop is always convenient, I find there to be countless downsides to simply pulling a bed out of a bag and here is why....

Carry-On Packing Essentials List

December 21, 2012
With Christmas and New Years vacations upon us, it was time I made a list of my travel necessities. Here is a list of my faves when it comes to being comfy on-board. 1. My favorite Light Weight Carry-On Rolling Bag is the: TUMI Super Léger International Carry-On $395.00. It is ‘soft’ making it easier to smoosh into the “sizer” at the...

Staying Healthy over the Holidays

December 19, 2012
Written by Guest Nutritionist Casey Simmons: Hi FH fans! I am back once more to share some healthy holiday habits with you! While this is wonderful time of year…it is also filled with wonderful temptations! When deciding whether to be naughty or nice, you may want to consider some healthy swaps and foods to stay away from during the holiday season....
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