Readers hair care questions Answered by Professional Hair Stylist, Danielle Golburgh

Kara wrote: “I have Split ends! Ugh. And if I pick them do they really get worse? Any advice?”

Danielle:  ”Please, DO NOT split your ends! Doing that splits the hair further up the strand, causing breakage.  Instead, go for regular trims and get yourself a professional protein shampoo and conditioner, such as Kerastase Bain Force Architecte shampoo and Masque Force Architecte mask treatment,  to use at home to strengthen your hair.”

Margo wrote: “Is it bad to use Paul Mitchell Skinny Serum every time I dry my hair? It makes it super sleek, shine, and smooth, but when I wash it it feels dry and I am wondering if it is because of that stuff!”

Danielle: “A serum really shouldn’t be making your hair dry unless it’s being coupled with over- flat ironing or blow drying. Just in case, stop using it for a month, and see if the health of your hair improves.   In the mean time, try doing an intensive moisturizing mask, such as Kerestase Masque Nutir-Thermique, once a week.”

Katrina wrote: “My hair can get really limp! How do I add volume without having to add products that make it dry or feel stiff! Hairsprays make my hair feel like straw.”

Danielle: “Try using a dry shampoo at the root. It plumps the hair and rids it of any oil that might be making it limp.  If all else fails, try back-combing in small sections around the crown of your head to create volume, then finish with a light mist of light-hold hairspray.”

Melissa wrote: “I’ve been trying to grow my hair longer—How can I keep it healthy while maintaining the length!? Everyone says constant cuts but then it always ends up cutting back to the same length!”

Danielle: “Everyone tells you to go for consistent trims because that’s the one thing that really works!  The key is to ask your stylist for just a “dusting” of your ends every couple of months, no more than a 1/4 inch.  In between appointments, make sure you’re using a good treatment shampoo and conditioner, such as the Kerastase Crystaliste line, to keep your hair looking, not only long and luxurious, but healthy too. ”

Erica wrote: “How do I get my hair to look shiny/glossy without a gloss treatment? I want a sheen!! Any products shampoo or conditioner you recommend?”

Danielle: “A light serum should do the trick.  Try using a little before and after you blow dry, keeping it away from the very root.  My favorite is Kerastase Elixir Ultime.  Not only will it give you shine without making your hair greasy or heavy, but it acts as a light treatment to your hair every time you use it.”

Daryl wrote: “Do you have a favorite brand of dry shampoo or other tricks to help that holiday party blowout last the weekend?”

Danielle: “I love dry shampoo!  It’s such a great secret weapon against second-day hair.  My favorite is KMS HairPlay.  It comes in an aerosol, so it is super easy to spray onto roots, where we need it most.  Just plain baby powder will to the trick in a pinch, though.”

Nikki wrote: “How do I get my hair to stay in place when I walk outside and it’s so windy!”

Danielle: “There’s really not a lot that can be done to protect a fabulous blowout from a windy day.  You just have to go with it.  There is, however,  one thing you can do to recover your style after it’s been windblown.  Blow drying your hair using a styling product with a “memory” hold to it, such as Oribe Creme For Style, will make it easier for it to bounce back to the original shape you left the house with.”

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