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Whether your skin looks dry and dull from the change in the weather or you simply want to glow and show off that gorgeous face to family and friends when you travel to your holiday destinations, I have an AMAZING recommendation for you. This past week I knew my skin looked blah (ie. borderline sickly) when even 3 applications of bronzer couldn’t re-vamp me, but then on Friday when I broke out with a zit on my chin (seriously, am I in high school?). I put my foot down and made an appointment at what my friends raved to be “the best facial in the city” at Erno Laszlo’s The Institute. Now let me tell you, the venue is AMAZING (while I was there, there was a stunning Marilyn Monroe exhibit but apparently it rotates!), but the facial was just fabulous! So fabulous that when I walked into work this morning (my facial was Saturday), my co-worker looked at me and asked if I had spent the whole weekend sleeping because I look so refreshed (and zit free!!) – au contraire unfortunately… Baby Gluck decided summersaults are a fun new activity at 3 am… but I deviate from the point. The point was that it was one of those facials where you feel like they extract your face away and you fear you will walk out looking bright red and inflamed, but instead I walked out blackhead free, even, and glowy – no signs of picking or prodding .. not kidding, I went home threw on some makeup and went straight to dinner. Interested in booking an appointment? Check it out HERE for their stunning location in SOHO. Not able to make it to the Institute? Or can’t fit a facial into your budget with all of your holiday shopping? I highly recommend that you buy their eye cream (bye bye puffiness, dark circles, and wrinkles!) Erno Laszlo LUMINOUS EYE COMPLEX BRIGHTENING EYE GEL 0.5 OZ $65.00. It feels like collagen heaven (and half a dime recommended per use means it will last an eternity!) My facialist even recommended throwing it in the fridge- how luxurious is that cooling effect post late night bender?! So cheers to even and glowy skin! Happy Splurging on Holiday Beauty!

Erno Laszlo Erno Laszlo

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