Washing up with Ivory

Since becoming a mom of three, even the most basic day to day tasks {like washing hands and bath time} have become a bit tougher… after all I only have two hands!! So when it comes to the endless hand washing, disinfecting and shower time scrubbing {because we all know toddlers are full of germs!}, I needed a simple solution that works for the family, something with pure ingredients, and a brand that has been trusted for generations, and that’s why I choose Ivory. With chic new vintage-inspired packaging, it is the same trusted formula I have used throughout my life. 

Let’s be honest… how many nights have you thrown in the towel and screamed “family shower!” so everyone can jump in and get cleaned in one swoop? Well, with a family-friendly collection of soaps, there’s no mom’s this and kids that. We all share the same trusted formula! So fellow mammas, after the hectic beginning of the new year, aim for a simpler life in March. Let’s spend more time enjoying the dinner time giggles and the bedtime snuggles and less time on the newest in trends. Choose a soap brand that’s been trusted for generations, known as ‘The Original Gentle Family Brand’, Ivory.

A few notes about the products we are using: 1. The Ivory Original 3-bar for washing hands at the sink after school… new look, same pure soap AND free of dyes and heavy perfumes! 2. Ivory Original Body Wash for shower and bath time {I leave this one in the kids bathroom}, a new gentle formula and again free of dyes and heavy perfumes. 3. Ivory Free & Gentle Body Wash with Pear & Sandalwood {I keep this one in my bathroom because I love the smell!}, free of dyes and parabens and formulated to cleanse and nourish skin with the scent of pear and sandalwood. And, it also includes the #1 Dermatologist-Recommended moisturizing ingredient!

Thank you to Ivory for partnering on this squeaky clean collaboration!

Photography by Yesi of Simply Lively

Thank you to Ivory for sponsoring this post.





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