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I have spent the last month putting the finishing touches on my house, and a big todo on my list was to find a really cozy, neutral, resilient rug to put in our kids’ playroom. While I love having tile floors throughout the house, I wanted to make this room a comfy space where my kids could curl up with a book, roll around giggling, spend hours playing with toys, maybe even have a little fall {hopefully not a bad one!}. So I was thrilled when I was introduced to the custom rug company, Flor. Of course the term “custom designs” had me hooked, but as I learned more it got better and better.

The process behind creating these custom rugs is easy, and the assembly of them makes them perfect for any size or space {see how to design here}. When the “rug” arrives, it arrives as a box full of squares {literally!}, which you line up in whatever design or size you want. Attach with hidden tape, and you are done. Long narrow hallways – no longer an issue. An L-curve in your room – again, fill it with no problem. And, these rugs are perfect for kids bedrooms or playrooms because if they get a square or two dirty, you can simply lift those squares up to clean or even replace {Yes, even two days in we had to quickly lift a square for a marker situation! Thankfully, it was a washable marker!}.


Ultimately I ended up choosing a neutral rug – shocker! Specifically, the Made you Look in the color bone, and I must say it looks like it was meant in this room. So clean and simple, but exactly what I wanted for the space. For those of you who want more color, there’s a wide variety of colors, patterns and textures, so you can create your own aesthetic, just head to www.FLOR.com. I am so happy with our finished playroom… and as you can see, the little ones are equally as thrilled! A big thank you to Flor for helping me with this project!!


Thank you to Flor for sponsoring this post

Photography by Yesi of Simply Lively

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  1. You have such beautiful children! Those blue eyes are gorgeous.

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