Miami Playroom Tour

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So many people ask how I keep my house clean while having two little kids. The answer… I made them a playroom so fun they never want to play anywhere else!! Welcome to the most popular room in our home {ok, maybe the kitchen is – but this is a close second!}. We love this space so much; I love the natural light that pours in from our backyard and the sweet displays on our open-shelving, the kids love everything inside of it.

I first decided todo open shelving because I wanted my kids to be able to reach up and grab books or toys without slamming a door on their fingers. Of course I also took into consideration that the kids are only tall enough for the bottom two shelves {well for now at least!}, so I had the freedom to merchandise the top shelves with sweet piggy banks, picture frames and blocks {shop my favorites below!}. Trains, action figures, balls, and cars each have their own canvas bin below the shelves, while super cute things like this Janod Guitar from Alex Toys can stay out on display. On the far side {which you can’t see here} I have one area of shelving that has a door {one with no knob so the kids can’t open it solo, the door here is to the kid’s bathroom!}, and there I keep any toys I don’t want them getting into on their own – play dough, legos, any games with small pieces that make me nervous and require supervision. I really wanted to keep the room as open as possible for dancing and playing. Lastly, around the window I have a craft table for drawing and puzzles, and then the hot dog stand and baby kitchen which are the most fun of all!

Hope you love seeing this kid friendly space as much as my kids love playing in it!!

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Reese and I are wearing matching dresses from Sail to Sable, Brooks is wearing Jacadi.

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Photography by Yesi of Simply Lively