Packing Tool for Traveling with Baby

Traveling Baby Essential

The last time I traveled with the Baby Reese, all of her little bows, socks, and accessories got mixed around in my luggage making each day of getting her dressed a process. I remember being so mad when I thought I forgot a bow at home and realized it was just down at the bottom of my suitcase hidden under one of my shoes. So for our trip to California, I got crafty and used my 80 Pocket Hanging Jewelry Organizer {from the Container Store} to keep everything in check. I organized my socks and bows by color, and then used the opposite side for shoes! The best part is when I got to the hotel, I just hung it up in my closet so I could see everything I had packed in one swoop.

Traveling Baby EssentialTraveling Baby EssentialTraveling Baby Essential

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