1. Bakeware Checklist for your Registry

    When it comes to registering for bakeware in preparation of your wedding, there are some absolute essential items I recommend you get to start off your married cooking career. {Reality check: You are now a married “adult” and an empty drawer below your oven is just unacceptable!} Also, let’s be serious, your husband will fall even more madly in love with you when he comes home to a fresh batch of baked cookies {better than mom’s!}. And your mother-in-law will be forever grateful when you show up to her birthday lunch with home-made cupcakes. So if I had to narrow down to the absolute essentials, this is what I would add to my registry list:

    For pans, a set of two non-stick baking pan sheets, a cupcake / muffin pan, and non-stick spring form pans for cakes. Also not featured but highly recommended is a bundt cake pan.


    For baking tools, you will need measuring cups, measuring spoons, some sort of whisk {electronic would be nice too!}, and a sturdy mixing bowl!

    I love packaged deals so you get get everything you need in one swoop. A fabulous deal is a ten piece set for $99.00 at Bloomingdales {see below}:

  2. Avocado Dip

    I love dips. You can use them with veggies, with proteins, on salads, as extra sauces when your dish is bland, the possibilities are endless. Store bought ones secretly pack in the salt and sodium, so I love making my own at home so I can monitor the ingredients {check out my red pepper hummus too!}. This one specifically is incredibly healthy (almost like a light version of guacamole) and very low on sodium! But the best part of this dip specifically is that it takes under 5 minutes to make thanks to my handy dandy mini Kitchen Aid food processor – could it…

  3. Grilled Cilantro Lime Shrimp

     On Saturday nights when our dinner reservations range from 8:30 – 9:30 pm, I always like to whip up a light appetizer for me and the FHH to munch on while getting ready. Shrimp sounded like the perfect solution to something “light” but “filling” and this recipe is loaded with flavor, so 3 big checks on my list! Click HERE for the recipe I followed (which I cut in half since I was only serving 2). *Note 1 – In this article I have the recipe for the perfect complimentary avocado dipping sauce (featured in the picture above). **Note 2 – This…

  4. Pregnancy Announcement Party

    Towards the end of the summer my friends and I love to get together to share our stories of travel, adventures, men, and more; so for this get-together I decided to host it FH Style at my apartment. Little did the attendees know I had a special surprise in store for them… and it wasn’t a new recipe. In brainstorming what to serve, I came across some fabulous brands that hit my goal to a ‘T’ in taste, style, and color. For the wine, I served light and sweet Rose, Pinot Grigio, and Sauvignon Blanc compliments of Wine by Wives (If a…

  5. Comfy Cozy Contemporary Fall

    Today I am truly regretting my outfit choice of skinny jeans and a mini tank so much so that my eye began wandering towards some of the newest Fall trend pages: comfy waist-forgiving leggings and over-sized cozy sweaters. Oh how glorious it all sounds! You see, Fall is such a great season because your “lazy” outfits can look instantly pulled together and chic simply by jazzing up your accessories! Here is what I can’t wait to wear come chilly weather so I can feel comfy on the inside but look my usual trendy self on the outside. Bring on the Fall breeze!!…

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