Pregnancy Announcement Party

FH Event: Pregnancy Announcement Party

Towards the end of the summer my friends and I love to get together to share our stories of travel, adventures, men, and more; so for this get-together I decided to host it FH Style at my apartment. Little did the attendees know I had a special surprise in store for them… and it wasn’t a new recipe.

arranging the flowers

In brainstorming what to serve, I came across some fabulous brands that hit my goal to a ‘T’ in taste, style, and color. For the wine, I served light and sweet Rose, Pinot Grigio, and Sauvignon Blanc compliments of Wine by Wives (If a Rose wine with a pink polkadot twist off top isn’t girly, I don’t know what is!) To serve the wine, my wedding stemmed glassware seemed too stuffy and old fashioned, so Urban Belle was the perfect update with their stemless glasses and adorable etched designs. The ones they sent were almost TOO well-suited, since the glasses had etched crowns… ie. my friends can be quite princesses.

setting out the winelittle gifts for gueststable is setdessert magnolias cupcakesdessert presentation

And last but definitely not least, dessert was compliments of GoodieBites, a melt-in-your mouth custom cake pops company. It was hard to believe that the pops could taste even better than they looked, but even my adorable 100 pound friend/model admitted to devouring her second one before the night’s end!

goodie bites cake popswines by wives cheersgirls drink wine by wives

For food one of the main crowd pleasers was my Baked Brie recipe. I made sure to cook it right up until guests got there so it was steaming hot as I sliced it on the dining room table!

fresh cut briecheese platter

As the party was hopping, my husband and I braced ourselves for the big announcement. We snuck to the kitchen and poured 25 glasses of sparkling apple cider and began dispersing them to all of our guests.

prepping apple cider

I conducted my usual “I have missed you this summer and it’s so great to be reunited speech” but as everyone said cheers and sipped their drinks, a look of confusion came across their faces (clearly it wasn’t champagne they were drinking). So my husband stepped forward and made the big pregnancy announcement; today we were really here to celebrate that we were expecting a baby!

the big revealcheers to happiness and good health

Cheers and gasps turned into sobs and squeals. It was possibly the most exciting baby announcement party to date. Everyone was shocked and elated. I ran to my bedroom to grab the images from our 12 week sonogram and showed them proudly as friends patted my belly. It could not have been a more chic and joyous affair!

i spy a baby bumpultra sound photos