October Beauty Essentials

October Beauty Essentials

For the month of October’s ‘Monthly Beauty Essentials‘, I would like to focus on a beauty regimen that caters to the morning ‘minimalist’ look. What is a ‘minimalist’ look exactly? Well it’s a term I made up for two particular instances, one of which I am guessing you can relate to. Instance Number One: When you get up in the morning and have a noon gym class…. You know that you have a few hours where you will be running errands or getting Starbucks in gym clothes, so a dolled up face won’t do. Here a ‘minimalist’ look would compliment your sporty/ healthy glow, not to mention have people wondering what eye creams you use to look so fab ‘au-natural!’ Instance Number Two: The hungover weekend morning where you couldn’t fathom changing out of your sweatpants but you desperately need to leave the house for a bagel. God forbid you go out sans makeup and run into that guy you were swooning over at last night’s party, so once again a quick ‘minimalist’ look will help you look alive {borderline attractive even!} for that moment you need to take off your over-sized sunglasses.

So here is what you will need to bring this ‘minimalist’ look to life:

  • Face: Cargo CC Cream {Cargo HD Picture Perfect CC Cream}. “CC” Stands for Color Correction. More sheer than a tinted moisturizer but just ever so slightly evens out any pigmentation/ neutralizes skin hiding blackheads.
  • Face: Bare Minerals Bronzer {Bare Minerals READY Bronzer}. A natural dose of healthy color with anti-aging benefits built into the product!
  • Cheeks: NARS creme blush stick {NARS Orgasm Collection}. One dab on each cheekbone instantly brightens you up. Highlighter is the best combatant to any hangover!
  • Blemishes: MAC concealer {MAC Select Moisture Concealer}. Only necessary if your under eye bags are beyond bearable or you have a huge breakout from forgetting to take off the previous night’s makeup. It’s so thick it can hide anything.
  • Eyes: Makeup Forever {Eye Shadow/ Liner – I chose Espesso}. Rather than using an eyeliner pencil which can look thick and dramatic, I apply a line of shadow practically along my lashes with a very thin brush. It highlights your lashes without looking like you’re wearing liner.
  • Eyes: Buxom Mascara {Buxom Lash Blackest Black}. When I first bought this mascara it was very thick for two weeks so I used it as my night-time mascara, but then I don’t know if it dried up or if since the bottle was more empty it just got less dense, but now I love it for day. The brush has so many bristles that it clings to even the smallest lashes, but it gives just the right amount of thickness for natural day-time lashes.

Bare Minerals, Buxom, NARSPowder mascara creme blush

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