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Today’s Health Post comes from yours truly!

I hate it when I come across blogs that talk about hosting a “Healthy Tailgate” and they {for lack of a better term} just take all the fun out of Tailgating. They say “Don’t eat chips, instead serve veggies” or “instead of buns serve lettuce cups” or “swap soda for lemon water.” I don’t know who these blogs are catering to, but realistically if I told my husband and his friends that they weren’t allowed candy and chips or sodas at my Tailgate, they would seriously laugh in my face. So, I decided to put together what I call the ‘Real Deal’ when it comes to “Do’s and Don’ts.” We know that at a Tailgate you are going to be glutenous, so why not do a few things here or there to health-ify it so come Monday you aren’t totally pulling your hair out. *I know I will get some press-back from nutritionists out there who say “don’t do low-fat” and “don’t eat processed” and don’t forget the good old “soda will give you cancer.” But coming from a dedicated Southern wife who still wants a down-right-good-tailgate that her husband’s friends look forward to, take what you will!

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