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On June 20th at 12:48 am, we welcomed Brooks Lee to our family (exactly 3 weeks prior to his due date!). An absolute peanut, weighing only 5lbs 7 oz, what he lacked in size he made up for in hair – a full mohawk to be exact! Reese was a tad concerned as to why this little man was intruding her space and hogging her parents, but thanks to a clan of 15 relatives who came to town to celebrate his arrival, she was showered in endless attention and presents, so she wasn’t TOO upset.

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Fast forwarding to today, how ironic – his due date of July 11th, it’s been a wild three weeks. The first week home was a blur – recovering from giving birth I was incredibly tired and slept constantly. That was probably the hardest part of transitioning from one child to two, because not only did we have a new baby, but I was too tired to play with Reese when she was awake. Thankfully my full-time nanny started so I had someone to watch her while I spent time sleeping in between feeds.

As I headed into the second week, I started functioning better on minimal sleep plus recovered more from delivery, so I started feeling more like myself. Unfortunately Brooks was really a night owl this week – up for stretches from 1 am to 5 am and then would sleep all day. I have no idea how my poor husband would function at work! That week though I made a special effort to do an activity alone with Reese for at least one hour a day. Whether it was taking her to the park or a music class, it was important to me to leave the baby home with the nanny, so we could have our mommy – Reesey time. She still wasn’t too happy with her baby Brother, but she wasn’t completely appalled when she saw him.

Now on to the third week, Brooks still wakes up every 2 – 3 hours during the day and night to feed, but at least he has transitioned to spending more of his time awake during the day versus night. Thankfully he also goes back to bed relatively quickly after he eats at night… just some rocking for anywhere from 5 – 30 minutes… a huge improvement to last week. This week I am “back to work” which means having some meetings at home, writing posts, and even hosting guests for dinner. It sounds fast and crazy but since Reese has a long nap mid-day from 12-2:30, and the baby sleeps tons, I have a few hour stretches where it’s quiet and I can get some things done! Not to mention, blogging is a part of me – I can’t imagine going long without it!

So this is where I need to take a second and thank you guys – my family, friends, readers and followers for all of your support!! In an exhausting time, it has been so nice to wake up at 2:00 am and see encouraging comments on my Instagram, or to get home and have awesome packages awaiting with cool baby gear. I am so grateful!!

I look forward to sharing more about Brooks – like his sister’s fashion posts, I am sure he will want to show off his wardrobe as well. Then I need to debut his grey and white nursery, all of the baby essentials I have put to use since birth, and more pics of him with his big sister. I am so excited for all that’s to come and look forward to having you share in the ride!!

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  1. Brooks is adorable! Congrats to you and your beautiful family!! You look amazing by the way.

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