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Style your Cheese Platter by the Fashionable Hostess

No matter the occasion, whether it be a quick pre-dinner drink at my apartment or a full blown sit-down dinner, I always find myself serving cheese as an appetizer for guests. Why? Well for one it’s one of my favorite foods. {When I met my husband and he told me he didn’t like cheese, I wondered if our relationship would even work!} And two, I am surrounded by some of the best cheese shops in New York; Beechers is only 2 blocks from my apartment and Murray’s Cheese is a nice 15 minute walk over to the West Village. But really, I have found that cheese is my go-to time and time again because there are so many ways to style it and so many types to choose from. For example I love a sharp Parmigiano Reggiano served with cured meats and green olives, but a completely different dish is a creamy soft Brie drizzled in agave and garnished with figs. Simpler swaps can be changing your carb side by opting for fresh baked olive bread versus long Grissini (baked bread sticks)! So take a walk with me down memory lane as we look at some of the highlights from Fashionable Hostess appetizer history. You will find some of my favorite cheese platters that I hope will inspire you for your next entertaining venture!

Brie with Figs and Agave //

For a soft and sweet mixture {best for serving at a table with knives and bread plates because it tends to get a tad messy!}, I love my Brie with Figs & Agave Recipe.

Cheese Platter with Bread Sticks //

A cool party pleaser, Grissini (baked bread sticks) are always fun for guests to pickup and walk around with. These were served at the swanky UpRoot Wine Dinner Party I planned and were total hit.

Cheese Plate with Dried Salami and Olives //

For your salt lovers, cured meat and bright green Cerignola olives {which can be bought at Whole Foods} are a delightful mix back to Parmiggiano Regianno or Grana Padano.

Cheese Plate with Crackers //

If you are tight on time for grocery store shopping and set up, you can still make a nice presentation by putting crackers – Wheat Thins, Carrs {Water Crackers}, Pita Bites {from Trader Joes}, or any sort of Rosemary cracker in a pretty bowl alongside your cheese.

Cheese plate with Fresh Sliced Olive Bread //

If you do have time to head to a local bakery, or for me to Eataly, a gourmet Italian Food market right in the Flatiron District, picking up a fresh loaf of olive bread couldn’t be a better compliment to a cheese plate. Here {at my Champagne Celebration} I sliced and served it in a bowl alongside Gruyere, but you can dice the bride into smaller pieces and throw it right on the cheese board as well.

Cheese + Simple & Crisps //

And last but definitely not least, for you gluten-free anti-chip people, I have an AMAZING intro to make called Simple & CrispSimple & Crisps are Artisanal dried fruit crisps handcrafted in Seattle. They are crunchy like chips, beautiful like fruit, and easy to pair with just about anything! I got really creative in this FH post with hummus, agave, and blue cheese, but they have endless suggestions in their pairings section {I drool at their instagram daily!}. They were a huge hit for mommies and babies at my FH Mom’s Who Lunch Event!

So there you have it! So many options to choose from. If you have any other fab ideas or pictures of your cheese platter, I would love for you to send! Contact me here or tag me with your pic on Instagram!

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