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Between pickiness, peanut restrictions, and overall health consciousness, it can definitely be hard to come up with lunches that are both mom and kid friendly. So today I partnered with Pottery Barn Kids to share a peek into what I serve my own kids {of course in the most fashionable way!}!

Pottery Barn Kids has all of your school essentials, and it’s a one-stop-shop for everything from lunch boxes, to utensils, to matching water bottles, to backpacks, making mornings and lunch prep a bit easier.

I hope my lunch ideas inspire you, even if it is just one new addition to your menu! Of course, be sure to comment with what you love to serve; I am always looking for new ideas myself!!

For Reese I chose the Pottery Barn Kids Fairfax Pink and White Stripe Backpack {size small}, the Mackenzie Green & Pink Gingham Classic Lunch Bag and matching Fairfax Insulated Water Bottle. For Brooks I chose the Mackenzie Red & Navy Gingham Backpack {size small}, matching lunch bag, and insulated water bottle.

To keep my lunches and foods organized, I got Spencer Bento Lunchboxes to place in each lunch bag. These lunch boxes come with five compartments keep food separate, making for lots of variety and options which kids love, and more importantly, no treats get soggy!!

Reese, four and a half, has never been a sandwich lover but she does love hard boiled eggs and string cheese. I pair that with carrot and celery sticks, strawberries and blueberries, and freeze dried bananas as a sweet treat! Freeze dried bananas have the crunch of a chip but the health of a banana. I recommend them highly!!

Lastly I place a pack of the matching Spencer utensils!

Brooks, three, is crazy for peanut butter but of course hates any other deli meats. So I have switched over to Sunflower Butter and Jelly Sandwiches (a fabulous nut-free option approved by schools!!). It tastes and looks like peanut butter and has him filling up on protein! I pair my crustless whole wheat sandwich with cherry tomatoes, apple slices, grapes, and whole wheat gold fish.

Other lunch options not shown here but loved by the kids…. Tuna fish served with crackers, holy guacamole packs served with carrots and chips, assorted dried fruits like mango and apricots, and Nilla Wafer cookies for a ‘healthier’ dessert option.

In the end we’ve got two happy nuggets! {And an even happier mamma!}

Shop all your school and lunch time essentials:

Thank you to Pottery barn for partnering on this post.

Photography by Yesi of Simply Lively


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