The “Only Your Wallet Can Tell” Event with BJ’s Wholesale Club

Last week I flew to NYC to host a fun and exciting event. My task: Take an empty loft space in midtown Manhattan and transform it into a fully decorated apartment, complete with a master bedroom, child’s bedroom, mudroom/ pet space, and kitchen/dining/pantry space… and the catch… everything I used had to be from BJ’s Wholesale Club, with a focus on their  exclusive brands Wellsley Farms and Berkley Jensen. My initial reaction was, ‘Does BJ’s carry all of the furniture and home decor pieces that I will need for the space?’, and more importantly, ‘will they be #ChateauFH style?!’ and much to my surprise the answer was YES!

I had so much fun heading to the BJ’s in Miami as well as browsing to pick the pieces for each room. A beautiful tan linen headboard for the master bedroom, clean white bedding and sheets, rugs, and accent chairs. Then for the kid’s bedroom I found a bunk bed, fun printed bedding, activity tables, toys and pajamas. For the mudroom space, I chose laundry shelving, cleaning supplies and pet food, and then for the kitchen space I chose endless organic foods, glass tupperware, plates and placemats, and more.

We arrived the morning of the event and got to work setting the stage. It was incredible how the space came together and how the BJ’s products looked even more beautiful outside of their packaging.

The Big Reveal:

The BJ’s team and myself had invited a great group to attend the event … and the best part, we didn’t tell them what brand I was partnering with… it was a big surprise. I did lots of fun snippets and teasers on my Instagram story and the guesses were so fun to read. Then at 5:00 pm the guests began to arrive… the editors walked into the space in total awe (and a bit of shock) to see BJ’s had such an amazing and wide selection. I showed guests each of the vignettes highlighting some of my favorite furniture pieces while guests enjoyed appetizers and wines, all from BJ’s exclusive brand, Wellsley Farms. Yes, the caterer shopped at BJ’s to get all of the ingredients.

It was such a fun night mingling with editors and bloggers. Here is a look at the finished space and if you missed the recaps on Instagram, check out hashtag #OnlyYourWalletCanTell. Oh, and if you missed how I recently hosted a dinner party with BJ’s, check it out here!

Photography by Associated Press


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  1. Fantastic decor.& party and love the items and availability at BJ’s! The BJ’s quality and their Wellsley Farms products are great!

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