Dinner Party Spotlight: Verda of Mode Living

I am excited to feature Verda, the co-founder of Mode Living as today’s newest FH Dinner Party Series Guest. The company Mode Living should sound familiar by now, as I use their tablecloths in nearly all of my tablescapes that I create for my blog. Firstly, because they are elegant gorgeous prints and amazing quality, and secondly, because they are stain {including wine!!} resistant, making shoots much less stressful if there is an accidental spill!! I am so excited to share Verda’s spring-inspired table today, using linens from her own collection!

Q & A:

FH: Tell me a quick bio of how you came to start Mode Living? Any fun details, awards, stories? 

I’ve always loved gathering close friends and family for a great dinner party at home, the mere fact of bringing everyone together is such a pleasure. I truly enjoy the process of planning out the menu, the table and all the other details… So much so that my friends call me “Modern Martha” because I always loved helping them out with final décor touches to their apartments, meals, parties and table settings. Even in my shoebox apartment in New York, I still found a way to entertain at home. Interestingly, when Tania (my co-founder) and I met each other, we (naturally!) bonded our passion for entertaining. When she told me she had a hard time finding quality tablecloths that were modern in style and easy to maintain, we realized there was an opportunity. So we put the two together and formed Mode Living. You can see our full story here.

FH: What is your entertaining style? Traditional, Contemporary, Seasonal? 

My aesthetic leans more towards contemporary and clean lines, but I do appreciate traditional luxury and adding few such items. I like how they become a statement piece while keeping the look still modern. Also, I love adding an element of nature to my table setting; fresh flowers always, an interesting wooden centerpiece, lavender or rosemary sprigs mixed in with the napkin rings. I find that a beautiful table enhances the experience of the meal. For today’s table for example, I’ve used napkin rings and flowers to decorate the napkins.

FH: How often do you entertain and for how many guests?

I used to entertain almost on a weekly basis, anywhere from 6-10 people. Since launching Mode Living, I’ve been so busy growing the business that I barely have time to host the way I used to. However, whenever I find the time, I still bring together friends to celebrate a birthday or other event, or just for fun! The last dinner I hosted was for a group of 8, which I think is an ideal number; intimate but at the same time large enough for people to have different and interesting conversations.

FH: Do you have a go-to recipe or dish {or do you avoid cooking at all costs}?

I like to plan all details of the dinner, the menu included, and cook everything from scratch. I often find easy to make recipes on Goop.com. My go-to dish is always fresh fish, and recently I’ve been doing the olive oil poached grilled halibut which has been a favorite. I generally find many of their recipes to be healthy and delicious!

For dessert, I go for my signature Chocolate Mousse. It is so easy to make, can be prepared in advance, and who doesn’t love chocolate? I put less sugar and more chocolate, and good quality ingredients make all the difference.

FH: Do you have a go-to cocktail?

I try to eat clean as much as possible and stay away from alcohol, but once in a while, I enjoy a ginger-passion fruit martini. It’s sweet and spicy, so just the right mix of flavors.

FH: Did something inspire you for today’s table? A certain color, flower, plate? 

I picked the Mode Living Positano collection for today’s table. It’s such a happy cloth, and on a perfect gray base (my favorite color!), it immediately creates that dreamy setting. It’s contemporary mixed with classic elements. When I found the perfectly matching blush tulips, I was sure to go with it.

FH: Table top… Share all the deets!!

Home location: Miami, Florida

Photography by Yesi of Simply Lively

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