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When given the task of planning my girl friend’s bridal shower at a quaint restaurant in SOHO, I decided to go with sweet and simple decorations to match the venue’s aesthetic. Having planned numerous events in the past, I knew that having a minimalist approach in the decorations was not what was going to make or break the party; it’s was the thought that goes into each of the details that makes it special. So, what are the key points to creating that memorable day? Follow some of my decorating and party tips below:

  • Come up with a color theme and stick to it for all of your decorations; this will create one cohesive look. For this shower I chose pink and white (the wedding colors!); from there I made mini gift boxes with pink and white M&M’s, I sprinkled the table with pink and white confetti, I hung a pink and white bridal banner, and I used white daisies for the flowers.
  • Choose low flower arrangements. High arrangements make it hard for your guests to converse across the table!
  • Create a Menu that includes some of the bride’s favorite foods. It is her day, so help her indulge in what she loves!
  • Create Custom Menu Cards with the Bride’s name and the Bridal Shower Date. Ask the restaurant if they do custom menu cards or DIY and print them out at home or a local print shop. These will serve as a nice memento for the bride to take home.
  • Hang a Banner. You can buy one on or create your own verbiage with a DIY one from Party City. I created two: one that said “Bride to Be” which I hung behind the table (and was perfectly captured in all of the pictures) and another that said “Bride” which was at the entry to the room. I also love ones that says “The Future Mrs. [insert last name]“.
  • Create a Designated Gift Area; this will keep all of the gifts in one place, not to mention be a cute picture for the Bride.
  • Play a game! There are so many different bridal games, so choose one that’s fun and appropriate for the group.
  • Hire a photographer if your budget allows or designate one guest (or bridesmaid) as the ‘photographer’. Instruct them to capture the decor, table, guests and more! Post- event, create an album on Snapfish or Facebook so everyone can revel in the photos.
  • Take “fun” or “silly” pictures of the bridesmaids, guests, and bride (not just ones seated at the table). These are great to use in a wedding slideshow or simply to frame as a gift pre-wedding.
  • As the planner, stay relaxed and enjoy the event. The Bride can always sense your stress level, so as long as you “appear” cool as a cucumber, she will never know that the eggs were supposed to be scrambled instead of sunny side up, if you know what I mean. And most importantly,  remember that it is a once in a lifetime event, so soak it up!

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