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bbb_instore_blogsize-8This post is in partnership with Bed Bath & Beyond.

This past week I got the opportunity to register all over again {sounds like a dream right!!}. Even though it’s been less than five years since I registered for my own wedding, there is so much I would do over. The quantities I would request in dinnerware, the options that are now available in coffee makers and juicers, the list goes on. So I was so excited that Bed Bath & Beyond teamed up with me so I could 1. Share more about the registry process with you guys… how easy it is, my experience in working with a registry consultant {they even had me go in and do a test-drive with a registry consultant acting as a bride!}. And 2. Share some “picks” I would put on my registry if I were creating one today.

Registering for your wedding is definitely an overwhelming process {which is doubled by the fact that you have a whole wedding to plan}, so having a helpful registry service, like Bed Bath & Beyond, is incredibly helpful. I actually registered at Bed Bath & Beyond for my wedding, so I couldn’t wait to see what changed, with the added perk that I now know what I need! Obviously now I entertain all the time, while back then I entertained once in a blue moon {and mostly with plastic!}. So hopefully today I can shed some light on the registry process {it’s not as daunting as it sounds!}, and give some helpful recommendations! Take a deep breath brides, you are in good hands!!

bbb_instore_blogsize-7bbb_instore_blogsize-26bbb_instore_blogsize-24bbb_instore_blogsize-30kate spade new york Parker Place™ Dinnerware Collection // kate spade new york Mercer Drive™ Dinnerware Collection // kate spade new york Whitaker Street™ Dinnerware Collection // Olivia & Oliver Madison 20-Piece Flatware Set in Gold

So first let me start by talking about the benefits of registering with Bed Bath & Beyond in particular. I love that it’s a one stop shop for everything!! From shower gifts that fill your kitchen, to luggage, to china, it’s all there. You can keep your registry in one place, keeping it simple for guests and yourself. Next, is the registry consulting team. When you enter your registry meeting, they greet you with an open mind and open ears. Every bride is different and they know that. Maybe you have a huge family and entertain all the time, therefore warranting a need for sets of 12-16 dishes and big serving pieces. Maybe you and your future husband are moving into a new home so you really need help with the basics of bedding, towels, appliances. Maybe you want practical everyday dishes that you can replace, maybe you have always dreamed of having fancy bedding. It’s your registry, so customize it to you!

After they get to know you, they give you my favorite item: A Registry Checklist which has literally everything you could need to add! Who knew you could ask for a vacuum?! Then there is the online portion of your registry which Bed Bath & Beyond sets up for you once you have chosen everything you want. It is incredibly easy to manage online, from both the buyer’s perspective, but also the bride’s perspective. Example… I created a registry right when I got engaged. The week after my bridal shower I realized that I had received half of my registry, meaning I needed to add more items before the big day. Using your own access side, you can quickly add quantities at home {I upped my dish requests from 8 to 12} or even add new items off the website… imagine shopping online and adding to your basket! If for some reason you did want to head in-store to review, you can easily make that appointment online as well.


Ok so on to my list of Registry Essentials… I decided to focus on a few areas…

  1. Essentials to Throwing a Dinner Party
  2. Stocking your Bar
  3. Healthy Mornings at Home

My Dinner Party: I recommend registering for minimum a set of 8, highly recommend sets of 12.

Stock your Bar: I recommend sets of 8 – 12 of all glasses

Seriously though, wouldn’t it be amazing if we could do it all over again? Tomorrow tune into the blog where I will be sharing how I bring my selects to life in my own home the #MiaChateauFH! Stay tuned!!


Dinner Party:



Photography by Yesi of Simply Lively

This post is in partnership with Bed Bath & Beyond, a brand I love. All opinions here are my own.