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When Reese was born I never  splurged on a great baby swing. Between myself, my husband, the nurse we had living with us, and the endless number of family members visiting, there was never a shortage of hands to tote the little babe around. This time though, with no nurse, my husband incredibly busy with work, and myself trying to balance taking care of Reese, working on FH, and my endless entertaining ventures, I am desperate for a spot to place Brooks so he is comfy and entertained while I am running around. The crib quickly was ruled out once we realized he was a major “spitter-upper” and needed to be sitting on an incline for up to an hour after he fed, so within no time the search began.

When it came to picking out the perfect baby swing for our family, I did plenty of research and shopping. The two main points that went into the factoring were the reviews and the looks; the 4moms rockaRoo totally hit both of these on the nose. With the push of a button the swing can rock the baby at five different speeds, it has an outlet for an iPhone {so you can double entertain the baby with music}, and best of all, it is sleek enough that I can leave it out on display in my living room {the grey liner totally matches my decor!}. It is really light too, so I can easily carry it from room to room with him sitting in it, whether it be to Reese’s room, to the bathroom during her bath, or to the kitchen while I am cooking. Reese is totally intrigued by the swing and on occasion gets over zealous and tries to shove Brooks to make him go faster, but thankfully there is a little seatbelt so I can strap him in!

So, if you are considering this swing, I totally give it an A! Any mamma who likes sleek minimalist modern products should definitely check out their site!

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