1. Neon Gym Picks & Tips for Working out in the Third Trimester


    Beach season is upon us and it is time to start showing some skin! We all know this means stepping up our gym routine (and using a few extra tan towels!). When it comes to working out, I personally prefer to hit the gym in the AM so I can get it out of the way, but motivating can be tough. Thanks to some neon bright updates to my gym wardrobe, I definitely have more pep in my step (even if it is just to show off the outfit!). Here’s what gym garb I am loving for Spring {clockwise}: Under Armour Pulse Sneakers (similar), an EleVen…

  2. Eating Paleo while Pregnant

    Paleo diet while Pregnant

    Being pregnant is such a special time in your life, but between cravings and morning sickness, eating healthy may not be easy, especially if you are considering becoming or continuing a Paleo friendly diet. So many people are going Paleo these days for health reasons, especially to help limit processed foods, but is being Paleo while preggers posing a dilemma? ? Jackie Tane, dietitian and co-founder of Skinny Soiree, is here to give Paleo Friendly (“PF”) Preggers Tips to ensure you and your baby get the proper nutrients needed for a healthy pregnancy! So first off, what is the Paleo diet? In a nutshell,…

  3. Pregnancy Safe Exercises

    Yoga while pregnant // FashionableHostess.com

    Guest Nutritionist Post by Casey Simmons {Bio Below}: “Hi Ladies! I know we all wish we could look as healthy and beautiful as the Fashionable Hostess with her adorable belly so I’m going to share the most pregnancy safe exercises with you to help you get that fabulous glow she gives off so well! Maybe you’re used to being active, maybe you’re not, but when those extra baby pounds are showing, you want to make sure to keep yourself and that bundle of joy in there as healthy as possible. Not only will exercise help you lose those pounds quicker post-pregnancy,…

  4. A Guide for what to buy Organic

    A Guide for What to Buy Organic

    Lately I have been spending a LOT of time in the Kitchen. Now that Reese is a year and has 8 (I may even spy 9) teeth, she is over pureed food and wants finger food that she can chew chew chew. Since I am now 18 weeks pregnant and ravenous, I am happy to be chopping up fruits, veggies, meats, and cheeses for her meals so I can grab a nibble. As a result, I have been making weekly, and sometimes even bi-weekly trips to the supermarket. While of course I only want the best and healthiest for Reese…

  5. Healthier Tailgate Options

    Do's and Don't Tailgate Edition by FashionableHostess.com

    Today’s Health Post comes from yours truly! I hate it when I come across blogs that talk about hosting a “Healthy Tailgate” and they {for lack of a better term} just take all the fun out of Tailgating. They say “Don’t eat chips, instead serve veggies” or “instead of buns serve lettuce cups” or “swap soda for lemon water.” I don’t know who these blogs are catering to, but realistically if I told my husband and his friends that they weren’t allowed candy and chips or sodas at my Tailgate, they would seriously laugh in my face. So, I decided…

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