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Beach season is upon us and it is time to start showing some skin! We all know this means stepping up our gym routine (and using a few extra tan towels!). When it comes to working out, I personally prefer to hit the gym in the AM so I can get it out of the way, but motivating can be tough. Thanks to some neon bright updates to my gym wardrobe, I definitely have more pep in my step (even if it is just to show off the outfit!).

Here’s what gym garb I am loving for Spring {clockwise}: Under Armour Pulse Sneakers (similar), an EleVen Topspin 1/4 Zip Pullover, a FitBump Theia Patterned Tank {maternity}, and EleVen Power Leggings in Wild Orchid.

Underarmour pulse sneakers, fitbump tank, EleVen for Venus Pull Over

Now getting real… staying fit in the third trimester… how am I doing it? Well, I am not a true ‘expert,’ but since this is my second go-around with the whole baby bump thing, I have some life experience in the matter. First and foremost remember to not be hard on yourself. Everyone’s body is different so if some days you just feel ‘off,’ then put those feet up and take it easy. If there are days you are feeling more energized, then take advantage. I have found from both of my pregnancies that working out from the start of the pregnancy through as late into the end as possible kept me feeling better, sleeping deeper, able to get my post-baby-bod back quicker, and overall just feeling better about myself.

So here are my tips for working out / being safe / and keeping your baby healthy in the Third Trimester:

  • Come up with a schedule: I make plans to workout Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and then assume on the weekend I will take some long walks or be busy running around with the family. I like to alternate with a day off in between so my body can recover. Having a plan keeps me disciplined while taking the days off helps my muscles to be more energized for workout days. If my schedule gets crazy or I am not feeling my best I try to at least do some slow walking on the treadmill!
  • Kick start your week with a class: I always book a workout class for Mondays. It sets a “healthy” tone for the week plus makes me feel better if I did a little too much indulging over the weekend.
  • Stick with what you have been doing: If you have been spinning, doing barre classes, or prenatal pilates, keep up those same exercises, just slow down your pace. Give up the sprints and put down the weights, but try and stick with the class for the duration. 100% stay away from anything you have never done before. Since you know how you feel during and after those exercises you have been doing all along, you can gauge if you are pushing yourself too hard. Some new class may feel fine while you are doing it, but then may leave you limping or even injured afterward. At 32 weeks pregnant I am still doing Flybarre or Soul Cycle once a week. For flybarre, I use 1 pound or even no weights and then for Soul Cycle, I don’t do the sprints or the abs, and I rest when I need to.
  • Hydrate constantly: Bring extra waters or electrolyte drinks into your workouts and drink even when you think you aren’t thirsty. I always force myself to drink at least 3/4 of a 16.9 ounce bottle of water during a workout. Remember you are drinking for two!
  • Refuel right afterward: Have a snack and electrolyte drink immediately after you workout. I always bring a G2 and a banana or granola bar with me so I can have it as I exit the gym. If you don’t eat and drink right away, you run the risk of feeling shaky. Been there and it’s not fun!
  • Focus on Strength: My doctor always stressed that strength training is the most important form of exercise to maintain when pregnant because it helps during labor, so I like to do light weight strength training (using 2 pound weights) at least 2 days per week. Cardio is harder as the time goes on anyways since you are carrying so much weight, so I just try and do a mix of arm and back weight exercises, squats and lunges (no weights because my belly is the weight), and even some yoga inspired abs for a total of at least 20 minutes. When it comes to cardio, I run, elliptical, and spin in the first trimester for 30-40 minutes per session, I elliptical and spin for 30 minutes per session in the second trimester, and then in the third trimester I do a mix of elliptical, spin, and incline walking on the treadmill for 20-30 minutes per session.
  • Avoid Heavy Lifting: While strength training is important, lifting anything too heavy can be very dangerous. Stick with higher repetition and lighter weights. Also be careful to lift with your legs and not from your back! {I must say I was terrified of lifting just about anything in my first pregnancy, but this time around since my 23 pound, 15 month old daughter loves to be carried, I am realizing you can in fact carry more than you think. I would say be careful, but don’t have a heart attack if you by accident lift too much.}
  • Revive: It’s important to mix in Prenatal massages, reflexology massages, and various circulation massages (at a spa or from your husband) when you continue to workout late into the pregnancy. Sometimes sharp pains or muscle cramps can result from not stretching well enough, so it’s important to have someone rubbing your muscles and keeping the circulation flowing. And hell, the way I view it is if you are working out at this point, you deserve it! From mid-second trimester through the end, I go for a prenatal massage every 3-4 weeks and then I get a good foot and calf rub every other week at my pedicure.
  • Kegels: Yes, it’s incredibly important to keep those vaginal muscles strong so you can pop that baby out quickly. Gym or no gym, you can do these anywhere!
  • Prenatal Workout Classes: There are so many days where I wakeup feeling badly for myself and totally unmotivated to workout. Those are the best days to attend a prenatal workout class because you are in a room full of women who totally understand what you are going through but also have a goal of staying healthy and fit. You will be able to cheer on women who are early in their pregnancy (and maybe even answer some of their questions!), while you may be inspired by some women who are still working out, yet are weeks ahead of you. I always walk away with new friends and new motivation after these classes.
  • Listen to your Body: If you are tired, rest. If you are thirsty, drink. If you are sore, stretch. The bottom line is that working out should help you feel better, more flexible, and healthier. If it’s not fulfilling any of these feelings then maybe it’s just not your day! Go home, get a good night sleep, and tomorrow is a new day! Remember this is a time when working out isn’t for being vain and svelt, it’s about keeping your heart, mind, body, and most of all, your baby healthy!

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  1. These are some really great tips! Thanks, Amanda. I was spinning from the beginning of my pregnancy up until about a month ago (due to back problems)… I am hoping my back lets up soon so that I can get back into it, but so far this third trimester is proving to not be too easy on me. Finger crossed! But I definitely have been enjoying long walks on the weekends to keep from feeling too lazy. Hope you are feeling well! You look AMAZING!

    xo, Lindsey

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