1. Romping Around

    REG on Fashionable Hostess in Old Navy romper onesieLittle Bo Peep in Old Navy RomperOld Navy Toddler Zig Zag Romper on Fashionable HostessMommy and Daughter Rompers by Old Navy on Fashionable HostessReese And FH in Old Navy Zig Zag Romper on Fashionable HostessMommy and Daughter Rompers by Old Navy on FH

    Since leaving Nashville we have been living at my mom’s house while our new home is undergoing a bit of renovation. I have to admit that I go over there a minimum of three times a day to check up on the workers and see what’s been done… to say that I am excited is an understatement! So when the second level of the house with the kids rooms was done a week ago, I couldn’t wait to set up the nurseries and playroom with all of Reese and Brooks’ toys, beds, and decor to make it feel like home. I know that moving can be hard for small children {and probably very confusing} so I knew that if they walked into a beautiful space that had all of their things {favorite rockers, trains, and dolls} they would be ecstatic. The big reveal when we brought them over for the first time was a better success than I could have imagined. The kids squealed and jumped for joy when they saw their things! Here Reese found her makeup vanity and toy makeup so we got immediately to playing imaginary ‘dress up’. Reese’s adorable printed capri jumpsuit, sandals, and headband are from Old Navy and actually my short chambray romper is from Old Navy too; I love that we almost match! {And these easy breezy one pieces are my new go-to in Miami!}. Looking forward to revealing their sweet spaces soon!

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  2. Oscar Night Party with World Kitchen

    This week I teamed up with World Kitchen {the parent company to Pyrex, Corningware, Snapware, Corelle, Chicago Cutlery, i.e. all of the items you can find in your kitchen} to host an Oscar-inspired “Award-Worthy Party”. The event was held at a townhouse on the Upper East Side in NYC where we set the stage for one of the most incredible events I have hosted to date! From the displays, activities, and take-aways, our guest list of 25 bloggers and editors went home with my hostess tips, fresh flower arrangements, and gift bags galore! Guests entered to the first level of the…

  3. Nashville Farewell Party

    During my final week in Nashville I had my closest friends and family over for one last hurrah! Although it was hard to say goodbye to Nashville and everyone in it, we had an incredible time cheers-ing our time there and our future in Miami {the #MiaChateauFH}! The night was composed of endless laughter, lots of bubbly, and a stunning display which I gave all the details on in this post! The food spread included hummus, homemade guacamole, and Food Should Taste Good Tortilla Chips {Guacamole, Multigrain, and Jalapeño Cheddar flavors}. Food Should Taste Good Tortilla Chips are the perfect snack for any party with great…

  4. Party Planning Tips for your next Cocktail Hour

    For our last party in our Nashville home, I wanted to create a beautiful and memorable spread, so today I am sharing some of my favorite “Party Planning Tips” to make your next cocktail hour equally as picture perfect and memorable! Here they are… While picking up store bought things like cupcakes {these are from Gigi’s} is a great time saver, I always like to whip up at least one home-made item {like this yummy guacamole}. Served alongside Food Should Taste Good jalapeño or lime chips you will have some happy guests {I love that their tortilla chips are gluten-free!}! Equally as fun is…

  5. Home-made Guacamole

    This week I will be sharing how I prepped for my Nashville good bye party, starting with today’s post, a home-made guacamole recipe I whipped up from the Food Should Taste Good website. On Wednesday I will share all the party decor prep {as well as some of my favorite party planning tips}, and then Friday I will share the actual event, which had a teary goodbye, of course with over the top food, bubbly, and fun! I specifically chose to make guacamole because my friends are obsessed with dips and this is so easy to make at home {and of…

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