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Monika Hibbs Kitchen - Inspiration for White Kitchen
Monika Hibbs

One of the biggest projects on tap for our Nashville house is the kitchen. While the kitchen is great in size and layout, I have a few adjustments I want to make that I think will transform it from a slightly dated kitchen to the absolutely stunning modern all-white kitchen I have been dreaming of. To make all this happen I want to replace the countertops and backsplash, take down the wallpaper and instead paint a clean white, add cool light fixtures, create a breakfast table area, and find great bar stools. In preparation of meeting with my Interior Designer I started pulling pictures from my Pinterest Boards {Pinterest has been my number one source of inspiration for my whole house!} as well as taking notes on what I loved about each. So here is what I am working with thus far…

White Kitchen Inspiration with Baby Blue Houndstooth BacksplashHome Adore

I love the Serena and Lily Goodman Pendant lighting {adding to my wishlist}, the white stone countertops, and the bar stools from this a stunning residence in Vancouver, Canada. Bar stools with backs are a must according to my husband and these look chic yet comfortable {must find out where they are from!}.

White Kitchen with Silver AccentsSubees Kitchen

When I showed my Interior Designer pictures of stones I liked she said Calcutta Gold Marble was the best. Then I heard from several sources that 1. It stains and 2. It is top of the line in cost. What do you guys think? In the kitchen above from SubeesKitchen, the owner Susan begs to differ saying her Calcutta Gold Marble has been incredibly durable and stained very little! Must say her kitchen looks pretty fab!

House Beatiful White KitchenHouse Beautiful

I pulled this House Beautiful picture to 1. Show another bar stool style I like and 2. To note the gorgeous hardware. They are all so elegant, which is a good reminder that I need to find a whole new set for my own kitchen {but I think I am going with a silver theme}. Meanwhile while I love the clean marble backsplash, I think I am leaning towards something patterned.

White Kitchen with White Hooded OvenCoastal-Style

While I don’t think we are going to tackle our oven hood, I am obsessed with how elegant this one is that I found on Coastal-style.blogspot.com.

Shiny White Backsplash InspirationsStyle Me Pretty
White stone backsplash pictures - kitchen inspirationBetter Homes & Gardens

Disregard the color of the shelves in the first photo but I am kind of obsessed with the stone backsplash that’s taking place in these two photos. Something about the shine and the simplicity makes them feel timeless.

Wooden Breakfast Table + White Chairs for your KitchenMonika Hibbs

Monika Hibb’s kitchen {which was also the first picture in this post} has been a favorite of mine since before I could remember! Her stone countertops are perfect and her lighting is superb {although the chandeliers above her breakfast table seen here are a bit bulky compared to what I am looking for}. However, I am definitely interested in these Modani chairs for my breakfast table {adding them to the wish list}!

Round Breakfast Table with Classic Arm Chairs by House BeautifulHouse Beautiful

Which leads me to my last image which came about because my interior Designer suggested that a round table would work best for the flow of our kitchen {something I had never considered!!}. How elegant is this photo from House Beautiful! While I am not sold on these chairs, I love a sturdy light colored wood table and lighting similar to this {like a Jonathan Adler Ventana Single-Tier Chandelier}.

Looking forward to sharing a full rundown of what my current kitchen looks like now … ahhh the “before’s” soon!

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