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Mother’s Day is around the bend and I truly love this holiday because it makes you stop for a moment from all the hustle and bustle of everyday life and appreciate the person who brought you into this world, your mom. My mom has been my number one cheerleader, my number one supporter through highs and lows, the person I can’t wait to call when I have exciting news, and the one I go to for life’s biggest decisions.

Last Mother’s Day I wrote a super mushy post on how much more I appreciate my mom since becoming a mom myself because it’s NO easy task, and a year later I feel the exact same way. Meanwhile I only have two kids, she had five, God bless her!!

The hardest thing for our family is that we don’t live in the same city as my mom, so while I want my kids to experience every moment of closeness with her, we end up relying heavily on technology. Reese LOVES to FaceTime with my mom constantly {of course my mom makes a whole show of it… she jumps around, sings, dances, and sometimes even gets her dogs involved}. Reese giggles so hard at times she can’t even speak; we can feel my mom’s energy right through the phone. The second we hang up Reese asks when we can call her right back. It’s the sweetest.

I honestly don’t know how people stayed so close even a few years ago before all this technology existed. It makes time between visits pass faster and it gives my mom the chance to ‘actually be there’ for big life moments, like Reese’s first time singing the ABC’s and Brooks’ first crawling!! Thanks to Verizon Wireless, my mom doesn’t miss a beat… it’s what keeps us connected and keeps our relationship strong.

Here’s a fun flashback to my mom and me when I was little… to be honest, we haven’t changed too much…


This Mother’s Day I hope you take a moment to visit or call your mom and tell her how much you love her. And if you are in a different city, get on a FaceTime routine that has the whole house smiling like ours. Check out Verizon Wireless for the best gifts to help mom stay connected on Mother’s Day and see how other bloggers at Style Me Pretty are celebrating Mother’s Day here.

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