The Prettiest Crystal Knobs

and a Smart Sense Lock by Schlage for FH Headquarters

FH Headquarters got some fab new updates thanks to Schlage that I am thrilled to share today on the blog!!

First and Foremost – Safety!

You may remember I got the Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt for our house backdoor a few years ago and honestly it is THE BEST… our whole family is obsessed with it. Goodbye to the days of giving out keys!! With a key pad I simply give friends or family a code. So whether it’s my mom swinging by or a friend dropping our kids after school, there’s no problem getting in the house.

My favorite part of the Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt is the compatibility with Apple HomeKit™ technology, which means that you can download an app to unlock or lock your door remotely! When I got my office I knew I wanted this system so I wouldn’t need to give keys out to an intern or that I could open and then lock the door for a delivery (all from the comfort of home!).

These Fancy Knobs

On the doors in the office I wanted to do something fab to match the vibe of the space. So much went in to the design details of the space from the wall colors to the light fixtures so why would I want some worn down nickel knobs from the 80’s clashing – updating the door knobs was a must!! I immediately fell in love with the Schlage Alexandria Knobs –  these glass knobs truly sparkly and have that Victorian elegance to them. They feel dressy and special – exactly what I wanted! I chose mine with the Alden Trim.

Let’s Review…

Photography by Yesi of SimplyLively 

Thank you to Schlage for sponsoring this post.