The New FH Family Room

with Kathy Kuo Designs

Welcome to the new FH Family room!

I am so excited to share our new family room, which was designed by the Kathy Kuo Designs Team. (I spoke about the design process in this post.) For those of you who don’t remember the before, here is what my family room looked like prior to the makeover. While our old family room looked picture perfect in photos, keep in mind I am a blogger and can do wonders in photoshop. Our rug was badly stained, our couch needed repairing, and our Fiddle-leaf fig had wilted. I was ready to start fresh!! My goals for the Kathy Kuo Designs Team were: more seating space (a larger main couch than the one we had), a new rug preferably with a print, more color – specifically blue tones rather the neutral furniture we had, new art (which can be so hard to find at a good price point!!), and a new light fixture. They beyond exceeded my expectation and we are in LOVE with how the room came out!!

All of the furniture featured is from Shop with 20% off using discount code KKHxFH20.

While I love everything, here are a few items on my checklist that I was beyond thrilled that the designers were able to make a reality… The blue hues – check! (the Bardot Bergere Classic French Chairs and the Modern Classic Pale Blue Rug), the art work- check! (Framed Canvas by Carol Benson- Cobb), and the incredibly unique pieces that I could have never found on my usual online websites – check! (like the White Tree Branch Iron & Marble Table).

All of the furniture featured is from Shop with 20% off using discount code KKHxFH20.

In working with the Kathy Kuo Designs Team I chose their Premium Plan (learn about the two design plans they offer here!). This plan is truly amazing because they create a photorealistic 3D rendering of your space so you can see exactly what your home will look like before you buy (I posted a glimpse on instagram)! While most designers simply give you a floorpan for furniture, with a 3D rendering they show where furniture goes, how it should look in the room, and even where to place the accessories! By the end of your service, your home looks “magazine quality” styled!

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Many of you are probably wondering where all of the furniture from our old family room went! Long story short, we recently transformed our garage into a huge playroom with tons of toys, games, and even a TV (which has been amazing for the kids and was actually what inspired me to makeover this room in the first place given that our kids don’t spend nearly as much time in here anymore.) Our old playroom, which was a small sunroom off of this room overlooking our patio has now become our “library” – a room for reading and homework. So, we moved the majority of our spare furniture from our old family room into that space (and found homes for the extras!). I will share the library on the blog soon!!

All of the furniture featured is from Shop with 20% off using discount code KKHxFH20.

Kathy Kuo Home Furniture List:

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We are so excited to entertain in this space (and don’t worry I got everything scotch guarded so it’s still kid-friendly!!). Thank you Kathy Kuo Designs Team and Kathy Kuo Home for making my dream a reality!!

Photography by Simply Lively

Thank you to Kathy Kuo Home for partnering on this post.