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I have shared so many beautiful ideas for my Thanksgiving table over the last few weeks, but I left out the most fun table of all… my kids table!! Anytime we have a family dinner party, we always set up a little table alongside the adults for the little ones to dine at. While I prep my table, my kids work alongside me decorating their own; they can’t wait to choose their plates, silverware, and even demand flowers! So I was so excited to partner with Skip Hop, my go-to for kids plates, cups and silverware, to create their Holiday table, especially with their adorable Zoo Collection!

Reese instantly fell in love with the new unicorn design, while I just love the giraffe design for Brooks, although we also love to mix and match. The plates have a little division making it perfect for their Thanksgiving servings – the top portion for turkey and veggies and the bottom for mashed potatoes and cornbread. Then the matching bowls are perfect for dessert. Also my kids just love the thick silverware {the thickness combined with the soft side grips makes it so easy for the little ones to hold!}. Of course all the Zoo Tableware is made of durable melamine and is dishwasher-safe.

To really get in the spirt, I chose a Thanksgiving theme, crayon-friendly, paper tablecloth {see it here}; perfect for any messes or simply occupying time while the adults schmooze post-meal. The finishing touch was my tiniest carnation arrangement in a kid-friendly vase, ie. a Skip Hop cup!

I hope this inspires you to make your little ones feel just as special as the adults this Holiday!





Get the look:

Photography by Yesi of Simply Lively

Thank you to Skip Hop for sponsoring this post.

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